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The Biggest Health Issues for College Students

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As a college student, you’re bound to get sick at some point. Knowing what you’re susceptible to allows you to apply preventive measures. Below is a list of illnesses college students are likely to suffer from.

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1.  Stress, Anxiety and Depression

College students commonly experience stress and anxiety because of increased responsibilities, a change in habits, and not taking enough breaks for self-care. Transitioning to college can be a source of stress for most first-year students, especially studying for exams and competing for admissions or internships.

Students are also expected to make serious financial decisions during their time in college. Nearly one-third of all American students now have to go into debt to get through college, and many will stay indebted for decades after. Take a moment to think about the things in your life that may be causing you stress so that you can better address it effectively. If it is student debt, this online payoff calculator might ease your mind: https://www.sofi.com/student-loans-payoff-calculator/. It can help you to see when your loan will be paid off, and gives you ways to bring that date forward.

Talking to a professional gives you the information you need to manage your condition. If they give you medication, ensure you stick to the prescription and consult if symptoms persist.

2.  Common Colds and the Flu

This is another common illness among college students. Flu is quite contagious and can easily be spread throughout the institution. When you sense the flu coming on, get medication to catch it before it gets serious.

These illnesses are quite irritating and can affect your productivity in school. That is why you need to get medication as soon as you suspect you have a common cold.

3.  Meningitis

This is a serious health issue that requires proper medication attention. If you get diagnosed with Meningitis, you need to work closely with on-campus health providers to ensure you are strong enough to attend classes and focus on your studies.

4.  Difficulty Sleeping

Lack of sleep is not good because you need to rest your body and mind, so you wake up recharged and ready to attack the day. If you have difficulty sleeping, consult the school’s physician for solutions.

5.  Homesickness

This is a common issue among freshmen because college is a whole new environment. If the school is not far from home, you should visit your parents over the weekend to manage homesickness. Even though it’s not a serious condition, it can easily hinder your performance in school. College students need to focus on their studies in order to excel.

6. Roommate and Relationship Difficulties

Many think that having a stressful relationship with their roommate is not something to worry about. Well, it is because it will affect your mental health in the long run. Students spend a significant amount of time in their dorm rooms.

This means that they need their rooms to be conducive environments where they can relax and even work on their assignments. If you’re having trouble with your roommate, you should find a way to resolve it.

If the issues persist, it is best to find a way to live on your own. Always brushing shoulders with a roommate robs you of peace of mind.


Every student is susceptible to illnesses, no matter how healthy they are. This is why it is good to seek medical advice as soon as you notice a symptom, familiar or otherwise.

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