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How to Purify Air from Molds

by Melissa Bell
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Molds can be a pesky thing to deal with. If you find some spores or patches of mold in your ceiling or any wooden part of the house, including baseboards and cabinets, odds are there is more to be found in other places too. Mold does spread very quickly, so it’s best to get rid of the problem at once and with full force in order to stop more from growing. Although fighting mold may seem like a daunting process, it doesn’t have to be if you come equipped with the right tools.


One of the best tools on the market is a commercial dehumidifier. These machines work wonders when it comes to absorbing mold from the air. Since spores can often be airborne, it’s important to consider the amount of mold that could be within the house or the vicinity where you initially spotted the mold. A commercial dehumidifier will help suck out the moisture of the air and help keep the space dry, preventing the growth of more mold and reducing the amount of spores you’d find within the space. There are so many types of dehumidifiers that you can virtually choose all sorts of dehumidifiers that will work for your needs.


Dehumidifiers versus Purifiers

So before you really purify the air, dehumidifying is very important because, as mentioned before, this keeps the space dry and free of moistures. Dehumidifiers are also great at killing mold on the spot. Since mold needs moist, humid conditions to grow and spread, having a dehumidifier will help trap all of that moisture in the air, preventing the life-giving moisture that mold needs to grow from spreading. Once you have the place nice and dry, then you can start to purify the air. Odds are, the space is going to be pretty musty, especially after finding multiple patches or spores of mold growing throughout the ceiling or walls.


Air purifiers are super great, but only after the dehumidifying process. In fact, some people keep an air purifier around just in general to keep everything fresh and smelling good. In the case of removing mold from the area, an air purifier is essential in keeping the air clean and getting that musty smell out of the area where to mold was. After cleaning an area of mold, make sure to keep the air purifier on for some time in order to remove and purify the air from any lingering mold spores. Spores can drift around in the air for a while, even after cleaning, so it’s important not to skip the purification part. Then, after all the mold is gone and the air smells fresh and pure, it’s up to you if you want to keep the air purifier around or not.

Preventative Dehumidifiers

Much like the air purifiers, there are plenty of dehumidifiers that can be used year round and prevent any mold from resurfacing. It’s not uncommon to have a dehumidifier in the home, especially in the bedroom. Children who have allergies, suffer fromcolds and flus, or respiratory issues can really benefit from dehumidifiers in the bedroom, so it’s not uncommon to find these within bedrooms. You can find all kinds of bedroom dehumidifiers for the bedroom at most home furnishing stores. This way, your space will be mold free year round and you won’t have to worry about that pesky mold coming back. These are typically smaller dehumidifiers but you can find the right size for any considerable space. There are so many to choose from.


So, as you can tell, taking preventative measures to stop mold from growing is key. However, as you’ve just read, there are plenty of ways to purify the air even after mold has set in. Some basic tips to prevent mold from growing is making sure all your plumbing is up to date and all your pipes are working in tip top order to prevent any leaks, rust or drips. Basic plumbing care and routine checks from a certified plumber can help this process immensely.

Again, mold is very common and it’s only natural to want to make sure that after an outbreak, your space is free and clear of mold. The commercial dehumidifiers were discussed early on are great tools when it comes to preventing mold from spreading. Air purifiers are also sometimes necessary to make sure the air itself remains purified. You can easily find some home dehumidifiers that can both keep the space dry and purify the space, but you may not want a machine that does both of these things all the time. Whatever the case, no need to fret when mold strikes! It’s way more common that you may think and there are steps to take to ensure a mold free home.

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