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The Benefits Of Using A Mental Health Platform In Your Organization

by Melissa Bell
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Mental health disorders are one of the most expensive burdens you can encounter as a business owner in the modern era. Also, team members suffering from mental health may have a lower productivity output, greatly affecting your business’s bottom line. For this reason, it’s important for business owners to implement the necessary measures to protect their team members from mental health disorders. This will not only boost your overall productivity, but it’ll also reduce your monthly medical bills.  

Due to the increasing cases of mental health disorders in the modern world, it has become necessary for workplaces to offer mental health support. More and more businesses are now offering and implementing mental health platforms to address a wide range of mental wellness concerns. These include stress, substance abuse, relationship issues, and more. Hence, it’ll be easier to prioritize team members’ mental health and make them feel you care and value their wellness concerns. 

The following is a quick rundown of what you need to know about mental health platforms. You’ll learn what mental health platform is, how it can benefit your business, and more. Keep reading. 

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What Is A Mental Health Platform? 

A mental health platform is a program and system designed in the workplace to support, develop and maximize team members’ quality of life and functional abilities. The platform allows organizations to prevent and protect team members against wellness concerns. 

Over the years, there have been several mental health platforms one can choose for an organization. Hence, getting the ideal program for your business operations can be overwhelming due to the wide range of options available. For this reason, it’s important to conduct extensive research to guarantee you get the right platform to support your wellness programs, improving their effectiveness and giving you value for your hard-earned bucks. 

What Are The Crucial Elements Of A Mental Health Platform? 

As mentioned above, there are several available platforms you can choose from to support your wellness programs. Each of the platforms might have a different budget and effectiveness level. However, conducting enough background checks is crucial for a business owner to choose an evidence-based solution. An ideal mental health platform should include one of the following elements. They include: 

  • Accessibility 

Mental health has been a growing concern over the last few years. For this reason, it’s important to ensure the courses and resources can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days when the training and support programs were only accessible to the local team members. Thanks to technological advancement, you can easily distribute digitally-available resources to team members, regardless of their location. Also, it’ll be easier to deliver the resources in bite-sized and consumable ways, boosting engagement.  

  • Preventative Approach 

This is another element of a qualified mental health platform. Most wellness programs focus on mental health issues such as manic depression, bipolar, and more. Identifying these problems is an important aspect of any production line. However, a more effective program might help business owners identify broader concerns.  

Hence, it’ll be easier to address common issues such as anxiety and prevent them from becoming more serious, which might destroy your entire production line. A preventative approach will promote good mental health and avoid common wellness issues arising in the first place.  

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How Can Mental Health Platform Benefit Your Organization 

The following are ways mental health platforms might benefit your business. They include:   

  • Reduce Absenteeism 

This is one of the ways how a mental health platform might benefit your business. If a team member is suffering from mental health concerns, there is a high chance they might miss work more often. Also, it might affect their physical health, increasing the chances of heart disease and other ailments. Absenteeism may affect overall productivity, leading to reduced revenue and cash flow.  

However, a mental health platform may incorporate strategies such as team member assistance programs to help the workforce resolve marital and financial issues. Addressing the issues guarantees the team members maintain a healthy mental state and reduce absenteeism. 

  • Boost Productivity And Engagement 

It’s the goal of most business owners to have improved productivity in the long run. However, factors such as wellness concerns may harm your team’s performance. A team member suffering from mental health issues, such as manic depression, may feel demotivated to work, affecting productivity. Thus, you might incur lots of money to turn over your current workforce. Hence, it’ll end up affecting your bottom line, and you may lose your hard-earned investment. 

The health platform will help you assess and address various mental health concerns of your team members. The goal is to help them manage stress and develop strong coping mechanisms while decreasing the risks of physical illness.

Additionally, employees are encouraged to communicate and share their best practices with their managers and other team members, fostering a healthy working environment. Encouraging collaboration will greatly boost your production line, leading to increased revenue and cash flow.  

  • Attract And Retain Talent 

One of the challenges you might encounter as a business owner is attracting and retaining a team member. As a business owner, you know that the process of turning over a workforce is a costly investment.  

You want your employees to feel that you care for them and you appreciate their efforts. You can better show this by creating a healthy working environment, culture, and atmosphere. A mental health platform may help you address wellness concerns, ensuring the team member maintain a healthy mental state and operate in a collaborative environment, benefiting everyone.

This will make it easier to attract and retain strong talents, saving you from costly turnover processes and avoiding unnecessary expenses.  

 Wrapping Up

As discussed above, mental health concerns are one of the most expensive burdens you might encounter as a business owner. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you take the necessary measures to protect your team members from wellness concerns. Make sure you do your own diligence in researching and choosing the right mental health platform for your organization.

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