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Natural Remedies That Can Prevent Cluster Headaches

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Cluster headaches are characterized by intensely severe pain that comes in “clusters”, followed by spontaneous recoveries after which the headaches return. It affects 0.1% of the population and it is most common in men. Treatments are available to reduce the symptoms, but few long term treatments have been identified.

Can Natural Remedies Work?

The consideration of natural treatment for the condition comes easily once you experience the difficulty of finding appropriate long term conventional medicine solution. It can be extremely frustrating for anyone to deal with all the pain while trying to lead a normal life. Due to the severity of the condition, people often end up on potentially addictive pain medications. One of the natural remedies that may work for you is CBD oil.

There are other helpful natural remedies for sure, but CBD has been recently coming to light with several interesting benefits. Though it is not medically confirmed as a treatment at this time, its effectiveness is being evaluated and the results look promising. The goal is to have an effective compound that works to treat cluster headaches and is non-addictive while being effective in the long term.

Look to The Beginners Guide To Cannabidiol for a good primer. You’ll see that CBD is not the same as high THC marijuana. Instead, it is derived from hemp, so it is loaded with CBD which is not psychoactive and brings relief during many conditions, including severe headaches. You do not have to be concerned about legality, as CBD is legal across the US mainland. Talk with your doctor and try to learn more about the benefits it may have for you.

CBD may help to prevent cluster headaches and this is why it is coming into the spotlight, along with other natural remedies. Aside from consuming CBD in oil form, you can also add it to edibles for a pleasant taste and effect, or consume it in capsule, tincture, liquid, or powder forms.

What Other Natural Supplements Work?

Considering other natural remedies, you mainly look toward nutrients. For example, magnesium is very important to human nutrition. It also works as a great preventative against cluster headaches and migraines. Typical doses are between 500 and 1,000 mg per day in total. Begin to include this natural supplement with the rest of your regimen for best effects.

The effects of CBD function well with Cacao. Basically, unsweetened chocolate has effects on cluster headaches and migraines. Using CBD with chocolate helps the body to produce another natural cannabinoid called anandamide. That is the THC-like molecule naturally produced by the body and it alleviates pain and improves mood.

Also consider aromatherapy oils to prevent cluster headaches. Two very good choices are lavender and peppermint. Blended together, these oils help with alleviating headaches and preventing them.  They also have a calming effect of the nervous system. Use these with the CBD for even better results. You will have better results by using combinations of natural treatments.

Finally, the herb Hawthorne balances blood pressure. When blood pressure gets high, you are more prone to cluster headaches. Include Hawthorne in your remedies might bring you one step closer to relief.

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