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Microneedling: Obtain Smoother, Younger Skin without Side Effects

by Melissa Bell
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Dermarolling, collagen induction or microneedling therapy is becoming famous. With this therapy, an expert can induce collagen without injuring the top layer of your skin. The cost of this treatment can be $30 or even less. People working in the health and beauty sector like aesthetician, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, etc. can take a microneedling course.

The popularity of this procedure is increasing consistently because it can make your young, vibrant and beautiful without any side effects. See the impact of this procedure on your skin.

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Great for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Sun damage, thinning skin, facial wrinkles cause damage of elastin and collagen. With dermarolling, you can control the situation and trigger the production of natural elastin and collagen. As a result, you will experience a reduction in scars, wrinkles and fine lines. The accumulation of elastin and collagen can thicken and tighten your skin and decrease the chances of aging.

Avoid Early Skin Aging

While treating wrinkles, microneedling can be an excellent procedure to avoid early skin aging. Improvement in elastin and collagen can thicken and tighten your skin. Thin skin is directly associated with premature aging.

Dermarolling can improve the effects of topical products by boosting their concentration and absorption in the skin. Moreover, it can protect you from aging.

Scars and Stench Marks

Microneedling is an excellent way to treat scars except for keloid scars. These scars refer to abnormal growth of scar tissues beyond the surface of your skin. Dermaroller is beneficial for anyone suffering from different scars, such as surgical scars, stretch marks, and acne scars.

Stretch marks look similar to normal scars, but these may occur because of quick skin stretching. These are difficult to treat than normal stretchmarks. Mirconeedling can break down tissues with stretchmark and activate collagen growth. It will ultimately fade or decrease stretch marks after different treatments.


Hyperpigmentation is common after unusual melanin production by irregular melanocyte. It is common in people with a dark complexion. This situation is common after prolonged sun exposure, wounds and acne.

Fortunately, you can treat this condition with microneedling. With this treatment, you can decrease hyperpigmentation by shedding an upper layer of skin. The process is suitable to produce normal melanocyte.

The treatment can increase the concentration and absorption of active ingredients to your skin. With its use, you can speed up the results of topical products. Unlike microdermabrasion, chemical peel and laser (other harsh treatments), microneedling can be a safe method for people with dark skin. It is good to avoid the loss of pigments in your skin.


Rosacea, a skin disorder, promotes the facial redness that leads to breaking down of natural collagen. Leading causes of rosacea are temperature changes, beverages, foods, and sunlight. With microneedling, you can treat the symptoms of rosacea.

The procedure is reasonable to treat acne by boosting the efficiency of topical products. It is recommended to use a 0.25 mm needle size for better results. A dermarolling could help you to remove blemishes from your face.

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