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Home Gym vs Gym Membership (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Melissa Bell
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Designing your home isn’t just about the look and feel of a space, it’s also about it’s functions too. So to help you decide whether a home gym is a good option for your then follow this ultimate gym comparison guide. Only then will you know if your spare room should be converted into a home gym or alternatively should be put to better use.

A definitive pro of a gym membership is that you have access to a wide variety of equipment, some of which can be very expensive, which makes it easier to get a full-body workout. However there is another side to gyms. Gyms are social in nature, places you share with other people – places to see and to be seen. Since you workout with other people, your motivations and goals may change if you were to start exercising by yourself in a home gym.

If you are just starting out, gyms also have personal trainers who can help you with routines and equipment.

On the other hand, the cost of gym memberships is significant. Membership can become a financial burden, especially when you consider many gyms require a commitment for at least a year. The cost itself can be no-go for many people, simply because they cannot afford it.

The commitment is especially bad for people who lose motivation easily. Regardless of how motivated you are when starting your membership, you may not go to the gym as often as you intended. People usually start making excuses, like saying that the gym is too far, or that they are too busy, too tired, etc., while their membership continues. Gyms thrive on people who pay regularly, yet come once or twice per year.

Gyms can also be crowded, since most people come around the same time, early morning or after work. This can make finding parking or the machines you want, difficult. The most popular machines can be constantly occupied, especially if there are personal trainers teaching newbies.

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