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Gym Injuries: Safe and Sound?

by Elise Morgan
4 minutes read

Due to stressful jobs and everyday obligations, people go to gyms to work on their health and fitness, and to release the stress that accumulated during the day. Even though the workout benefits their health, there are various precautions that should be taken, in order to avoid any injuries. Despite the gyms’ duty to take care of their members, there are still numerous instances of people getting injured.

According to the 2009 statics there are over 1,500 emergency room visits due to gym injuries every year. Mostly, people report damage in their necks, backs, knees and shoulders. Usually, such injuries occur because of the unprofessional staff and equipment malfunction. If the members believe the injury is not their – but poor management’s – fault, they have the right to take legal actions.


Neck Injuries

Constant sitting and working at our desks puts pressure on our backs which leads to neck pain. As if that isn’t enough, our daily workouts at the gym and improper techniques can worsen the pain. This especially happens while bench pressing, if your posture is incorrect. A good personal trainer should point out the importance of proper posture and techniques, but sometimes this is not the case. If such severe neck injury occurs due to staff’s negligence, you can file for a lawsuit and benefit from the insurance. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your posture yourself, and do your best to align your back and neck, and keep them flat against the surface of the bench.

Back Injuries

Lower-back injury is one of the most dangerous sports injuries that can leave permanent damage. The cause of such harm is usually the insufficient warm-up and stretching. Also, your trainer should pay attention to your techniques and warm-up routines prior to the training so you could avoid damaging your back. Pay special attention to this while doing the heavy bench press, dead lifts and squats with weights and listen to your trainer. However, if your trainer does not take the time to explain the exercise you should take action if the injury occurs. You have the right for an insurance claim, and it is best to consult with the personal injury attorney who will provide you with the best solutions.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries most typically occur when you do not warm up before starting your exercises. Also, sudden movements and too much weight can tear your muscles and ligaments. The best way to prevent such injuries is to thoroughly warm up your shoulders and only then start lifting, doing pushups, chest press and other exercises. Additionally, consult with the trainer – or someone more experienced if you are a rookie – to learn the proper technique. Better yet, get to know your body, listen to it and never put too much weight on your shoulders.

Knee Injuries

This is one of the most common gym injuries. These often happen because of the misplacement of feet and body while doing lunges or squats, and unfortunately many gym trainers don’t know how to correct you and prevent the injury. There are many complaints about torn tendons, muscle imbalance and worn out cartilage because the instructor may push you too hard, and because of the excessive repetition of the exercises. In order to prevent injuring your knees, you should warm up properly, and pay attention to your posture during squats and lunges.

Prevention is probably the best solution. Most of these injuries can be avoided by taking it easy, warming up and knowing your body. However, if you are still afraid of the potential damages, you should get familiarized with the gym’s policies, insurance coverage and the work of personal injury attorneys.


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