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Fun Fall Fitness Activities and Exercises

by Joe Fleming
3 minutes read

Looking to offset your new pumpkin spice latte habit with extra exercise? When it comes to staying physically active during the crisp fall months, forget hunkering down day after day in the gym and try something new and creative:

Go Hiking

There is no better time of the year to go hiking than during those cooler fall months where the leaves are changing color and the world melts into beautiful hues of orange, red, yellow, and gold. With colder weather and shorter days, it’s important for hikers to remember to wear layers, double check forecasts, and plan for wearing headlamps or carrying flashlights if planning on hiking after dusk. Hiking offers loads of health benefits for people of all ages including lowered stress, increased circulation, and stronger bones and muscles.

Rake Leaves

Turn your favorite fall chore into a calorie-burning workout! Raking at a rigorous pace that makes you break a sweat and gets your heart rate up could burn close to 100 calories per half hour, that’s not bad at all. Combine with other yard work including bagging leaves, planting your winter garden, or even hanging holiday lights and you could have a real fall-inspired workout on your hands.

Touch or Tag Football

Fall is the season for football and what better way to turn your next tailgate into a calorie-burning party than with a little touch football game with friends. Lower risk for injury by avoiding tackling, but stick to the same rules and break a sweat running, catching, and throwing touchdowns. Get your kids in on the fun too to truly make it a family affair!

Trail Running

Take your same old treadmill running routine to the next level by heading outdoors and hitting the trails. While trail running does require different shoes (with rock plating and other special features to protect feet when they land on rocks, roots, etc), it can be an exhilarating thrill ride, especially amongst the colorful foliage of fall.

Horseback Riding

Think horseback riding isn’t really exercise? Think again! Not only does horseback riding require core strength and balance to help keep yourself upright, but it’s a fantastic leg workout as well, potentially burning upwards of 200 to 350 calories an hour. Many farms open to the public in the fall for pumpkin patch fundraisers, hayrides, corn mazes, and festivals. Scout out horseback riding opportunities for you and your friends and make a day of it!

Practice Yoga Outside

While the beating summer sun may have kept your yoga practice indoors, the cooler months of Autumn provide a unique opportunity to practice this mindfulness-cultivating exercise outdoors. Join an outdoor yoga class near you, or livestream instructional yoga videos outside on your smartphone or other mobile device. The connection with nature combined with the gentle flowing movements and meditation of yoga will make for a stress-relieving exercise.

Hop On Your Bike

While the temperatures are perfect for breaking a sweat without getting overheated, hop on your bike and go for a ride. Cycling is great low-impact activity that allows you to sight-see while you tone muscles and build strength and balance. Perfect for athletes looking for a moderate-intensity cross-training activity, cycling makes the biggest impact when you combine straightaways with ascending and descending hills.

If injury or pain has you watching TV from the couch instead of enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds fall has to offer, don’t wait to get help. Foot, knee, and other leg injuries that prevent you from getting the exercise you need can put you at increased risk for unwanted weight gain as well as posture issues, back pain, and more. Have a potential meniscus tear in your knee? Check with your doctor about wearing a specialized brace to help you stay active – visit this site to learn more. Experiencing foot pain from plantar fasciitis? Find out what stretches and orthotic aids might keep you moving. There are loads of natural remedies and orthoses which may give you the little nudge you need to heal and head outside this fall!

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