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The Best Reasons to Treat Your Varicose Veins

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

Varicose veins or bulging blood vessels are more common of an affliction than people think and affect both men and women, especially in the later stages of their lives. Historically, treating bulging blood vessels would mean painful surgery and an arduous recovery process that turned many people off treating their condition.

Modern advances in technology mean that treating bulging blood vessels is more accessible than it has ever been before. Not only are many of these treatments less painful and non-invasive but they have quick recovery periods as well.

While sometimes bulging blood vessels are only a cosmetic issue, for other they can be a source of pain and discomfort. There are plenty of good reasons that someone who is afflicted should get information on varicose veins and seek out a professional vein clinic like The Vein Institute to treat them.

Boost confidence

The most obvious aspect of bulging blood vessels is that they are unsightly and unnaturally bulging veins, normally in the legs. This issue will almost always make someone feel self-conscious about the afflicted areas and cover up with clothing to avoid perceived embarrassment.

People who are afflicted will often shy away from swimming and other activities that often involve exposing that part of their bodies. This means that the issue is not only affecting their body image but their lifestyles as well.

This is why treating varicose veins, even if they are not painful, is so important. The range of new and advanced treatments means that more people can address this issue about their self-confidence and get back to enjoying the activities that they used to.

Proper treatment of bulging blood vessels means that they can decrease in size and often disappear completely. This lets people enjoy having clear, smooth skin that they are unafraid to reveal to others.

For sufferers who have dealt with this condition for a long time the new forms of treatment that are available are very appealing. Depending on the treatment, patients can see a visible reduction in their varicose veins incredibly quickly.

Patients can discreetly seek out these new treatment options and return to their lives with a newfound confidence. Vein specialists understand how important their work is for their patients and try to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.

Get rid of painful symptoms

While many people simply have a cosmetic issue with their varicose veins, others can find them quite uncomfortable and even downright painful. Painful, fatigued, swollen, irritated or cramping legs are some of the most common symptoms.

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People suffering these symptomatic issues are experiencing more than just the ugliness of bulging blood vessels. For them, treatment is not only a desire but a medical necessity.

For example, having painful and swollen legs means it’s uncomfortable to sit, stand or engage in any physical activity involving the legs. This deters people from being as physically active as they once were and can lead to other health issues like obesity.

This snowball effect from having the discomfort of bulging blood vessels makes it more important to treat them. People are often surprised at how quickly these symptoms disappear after they get treatment.

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Identify root causes

Varicose veins don’t just come out of nowhere and they’re normally indicative or a failure in an afflicted person’s blood vessels. Normally these root causes are known as venous insufficiency or venous reflux.

These conditions cause blood vessels not to function correctly and allow blood to pool in and around them. The reason that bulging blood vessels normally occur in the legs is because blood travelling up and down the vessels is being affected more by gravity than other parts of the body.

This explains why the vessels swell and begin to bulge, sometimes causing pain or discomfort. The treatment of bulging blood vessels not only gets rid of the symptoms but treats these underlying problems as well.

This means that blood will now flow via the healthy, unaffected vessels and improve circulatory health in the process.

These are just some of the important reasons that varicose veins should be treated as soon as possible. With the increase in the effectiveness and affordability of treatment it’s easier than ever for people to treat a condition they should not have to live with.

Prevent DVT

DVT or deep vein thrombosis is a serious vascular issue identified by intensely painful and discoloured blood vessels. This is caused when enough blood pools up in the vein that it forms a clot that can be fatal if it becomes dislodged and travels to a pulmonary artery.

A blood vessel with faulty valves can lead to DVT if it is left untreated for too long. The seriousness of the issue varies depending if a clot occurs in a superficial or deep blood vessel.

Destroying problem blood vessels in the legs via treatment will significantly reduce your chances of developing DVT. These treatments should also be combined with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and avoidance of particular inflammatory medications.

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