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8 Ways how an Elliptical Trainer Can Improve Your Health

by Melissa Bell
6 minutes read

Years are being added to our ages as we grow older but our muscles become weaker. That is the reason why we must work out to stay fit and healthy. However, we must do it with the right equipment and method.

Regarding the recommended method of exercise, cardio workouts are the best because they eliminate the risk of heart diseases, dementia, diabetes, and stroke among others. Aerobic exercises (same as cardio exercises) can be achieved by using standard equipment. And since health problems begin to develop from age 40 and above, I will like to base my discussion on seniors.

Exercise equipment for seniors is not too different from the regular fitness machines out there on the market. So just because you are old doesn’t mean you must sit down to perform a certain level of exercise. You can also participate in all difficulty levels and resistance of standard training regimen just like the youth. Your fragile body needs to be trained to help you stay stronger and healthier.

Elliptical trainers are greatly recommended due to how safe and stable they are. They provide you with balance since they are designed to mimic natural motions and strides. The major fear of seniors is that they don’t want to sustain injuries or fall down during workouts which shouldn’t be a problem because there are elliptical models with seats. This special feature incorporates all the other features of regular models.

Elliptical Trainer gym exercise

You can work on your upper and lower body parts while seated with the mobile handlebars and rotating pedals of an elliptical trainer. There is also an LCD monitor that displays your speed, time, and heart rate during each session. The machine is electrically powered but you can increase your resistance by disabling the motor assistance. This special exercise equipment for seniors can be very useful to your health. Therefore, I shall be highlighting 8 ways how an elliptical trainer can improve your health.

1. Boosts your Stamina and Cardiovascular Health

You may decide to spend 20 minutes on high intensity workouts or more time on moderate intensity sessions. All you should know is that you can increase your stamina by using the elliptical trainer to train your muscles with a full-body workout.

Your heart rate increases as you progress in your exercise routine thereby pumping more blood into your body system. Your lungs also work harder to supply more oxygen throughout your body. Engaging in regular training can help boost your stamina and cardiovascular health over a few weeks of dedicated exercise sessions.

2. Reduces your Cholesterol Level

Endeavor to exercise on the elliptical at least four times weekly or just try to attain 150 minutes of workout every week. If you can increase the time spent, then it will be more beneficial. After 3 to 7 months of regular training, you will notice a drop in your cholesterol level.

One little advice, don’t forget to factor in a healthy diet to achieve faster results within a short time.

3. Heals Pains and Injuries

An elliptical trainer can help you recover from injuries sustained in your joints due to its low-impact effect on the muscles. Additionally, if you are suffering from a stroke or heart related diseases, ellipticals are the best fitness machines that can provide you with a perfect recovery.

All you need to do is adjust the intensity of your workouts according to your fitness goals and health condition.

4. Lowers High B.P

When you are physically sound, your blood pressure will also be under control. To maintain a normal blood pressure, your heart, hormonal levels, and weight must also be at their optimum. Aerobic exercises can be achieved on ellipticals without placing too much pressure on your cardiovascular system.

Low-impact cardio workouts are the best form of exercise that will enhance your health condition and that of your internal organs. And the solution to obtaining that is by using the elliptical trainer to the best of your ability. Your blood circulation is optimized and the risk of vein issues is eliminated. Excessive clotting of the blood, varicose veins and thrombosis are minimized.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Anytime your immune system struggles with an attempt to heal damaged tissues or fight bacteria and viruses, you become inflamed. The condition through which your immune system battles with vicious health issues is called inflammation. You may be suffering from chronic inflammation without knowing it.

Elliptical workouts serve as anti-inflammatory therapy for chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, obesity, and arthritis. Recent studies have revealed that just 20 minutes of elliptical workout can result in about 5% reduction of immune cells which produce TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). TNF regulates inflammation locally and enhances immune reactions.

6. Provides Full-Body Workout

With an elliptical trainer, you can be assured of benefitting from exercising your lower body parts which include your quads, hamstrings and glutes. These muscles are located on your legs, buttocks and thighs and you may target each one separately or in a group. Additionally, your upper body muscles such as your triceps, biceps, pectorals, and abdominals are also not left out.

The capacity of ellipticals is quite different from other exercise machines because of its ability to train your overall body structure in every session. The treadmill or a stationary bike cannot provide the exact advantage of a full-body workout.

7. Eliminates the Risk of Diabetes

The insulin hormone makes glucose available to your cells to produce energy for the body to function. Diabetes is a disease that relates to insulin dysfunction which affects seniors from 40 years and above. In this case, glucose (sugar) builds up in your blood and it is referred to as hyperglycemia (a condition associated with an increase in blood sugar).

When you exercise on an elliptical machine, your blood sugar level decreases as your muscles utilize the energy produced from the glucose in your system. This particular exercise equipment for seniors is a must-have.

8. Positive Impact on Breathing Pattern

Ellipticals have positive effects on your breathing patterns but they don’t increase your lungs capacity. Regular workouts on the machine enhances your muscular efficiency through a lower oxygen consumption rate and an equally reduced carbon dioxide production. As a result, you will not be out of breath while exercising since less air is needed.

Conclusively, after all said, I am sure you can relate with me on how beneficial an elliptical trainer is to everyone’s health generally.

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