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7 Ways to Increase Your Manpower

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

A shortage of testosterone could have a profound effect on your life. Low testosterone levels lead to lost bone density, muscle mass and lowered sex drive. Not only this, a recent study suggests that a low testosterone level can also be connected to the risk of heart disease and prostate cancer.

Testosterone is a hormone that has wide ramifications for males, both from a psychological and a physiological perspective. As testosterone helps your body produce and maintain masculine features, low testosterone can erode your confidence and self-esteem. Its symptoms can sap your energy and spirit and interfere with your sexual performance.

We have listed below seven ways by which you can increase your manpower to another level by making some extra effort.

1. Uncover your abs:

A good looking body isn’t just a treat to the eyes, but comes with a number of significant health benefits as well. In men, fat is mostly stored in the abdominal region and a lot of fat may lead to lower levels of testosterone. Thus, you must learn to uncover your abs at the earliest.

The best way out here is to pump up this particular region of your body with regular exercise, while maintaining a healthy diet. Develop your own exercise routine and try passive exercises which can be done throughout the day, like the stomach vacuum. You can also add some cardio exercises, like running or swimming, for faster results.

2. Start building biceps:

Not only your abs, start concentrating on building up your biceps and triceps as well. A proper weight training, or just simple push-ups and pull-ups can help you in increasing the size of your arms. A good physique is very important for your body and self-esteem. The newfound strength and stamina you’ll develop can also help you a lot in the bedroom and improve your performance. A good arm build can help you to prop yourself during the act, protect your partner from crushing and make her feel safe.

3. Start eating good fat:

We aren’t talking about overburdening your entire diet with fat, but fat is an important part of every diet. Good fat plays a crucial role in maintaining your health and energy. The good fat provides needed fatty acids and becomes an excellent source of energy. Avoid eating testosterone supplements for men and start eating the food that are rich in energy and essential nutrients.

4. Say no to alcohol:

Indulging in a lot of alcohol is probably the best way to sabotage all your progress. An overconsumption of alcohol reduces a man’s desire of engaging into sexual activities which can cause confusion and loss of confidence in a person’s sexual life and relationships. At the same time, certain types of alcohol are considered to be calorie bombs, giving you unwanted fat besides the hangover. Try your hardest to lower alcohol consumption at the earliest when dealing with low testosterone symptoms.

5. Take a good sleep:

The hectic modern lifestyle pushes as all in to give our best and sometime it can be hard to get a full night’s sleep. Improper sleep gives rise to a number of other unwanted problems. In order to save yourself from poor testosterone levels, you must make sure you have a proper sleep cycle at the end of your day. A 6-7 hour sleep is considered to be enough for a grown man to recover and keep himself fit and healthy.

6.Keep all the stress at bay:

For a number of men, stress is considered to be an unavoidable fact of life. Long term stress is thought to reduce your levels of sexual desire, which makes you feel miserable and helpless. Stress is also one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction and is connected to higher alcohol consumption (even narcotics). It is a slippery slope and simple stress can lead you on a path of self-destruction from which it can be hard to come back. You must keep stress at bay and focus on completing small achievable goals that slowly lead you to your prospective objective, rather than keeping yourself worrying over the same.

7. A good diet:

Lastly, a good diet can do wonders to your levels of testosterone and keep your problems limited. You must follow a balanced diet which should be healthy and diverse. Instead of consuming a lot of artificial supplements, focus on eating varied and natural, unprocessed foods that allow your body to get all it needs for its health. There are many great diets on the Internet, find one that suits you and try implementing it.

Normal testosterone levels are a must for a man to lead a healthy and productive life. The above elaborated tips offer you some suggestion how to overcome some of the symptoms and keep yourself physically fit, mentally stable and emotionally happy. It is very attainable and you deserve it.

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