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7 Kitchen Gadgets for Quick and Easy Healthy Cooking

by Melissa Bell
7 minutes read

For many people, cooking is a nightmare and very boring especially because it’s time-consuming. The process can also be costly in terms of fuel or energy used thus making many people to opt for unhealthy eating away from their homes.

However, it is easy to turn this exercise into a quick and easy experience thus helping you to eat your own prepared foods thus enjoying the guarantee of healthy eating at all times. One of the secrets of enjoying quick and easy meals at home is to ensure that you have the right kitchen gadgets that are specifically designed to make the process fast and energy efficient.

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Below are 7 gadgets you should have in your kitchen if you want to turn your cooking experience into a stress-free exercise:

1. Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is the utmost master of quick and easy healthy cooking for any kitchen today. The appliance helps reduce the cooking time by more than 50 percent while at the same time helping retain the nutrients and flavor of your food.

This household appliance is designed to retain pressure inside thus making your food tender within a short time and the best thing is that you can cook almost any type of food you desire. Pressure cookers are available in different sizes and brands thus making it important for you to choose the one that best serves your needs.

A pressure cooker is especially suitable when you want to cook cereals that are known to take long to cook.

2. Instant Pot

Though a new concept in the market, instant pots are quickly becoming a darling for many kitchens thanks to the speed they offer when it comes to cooking. This kitchen gadget can be used to cook almost anything you could imagine while drastically cutting down the amount of time needed for this.

The multifunctional cooker can be used as a steamer, pressure cooker, and rice cooker but you can expect amazing results from this appliance when it comes to speed. If you want to enjoy healthy foods fast and easily, investing in an instant pot will be the way to go.

3. Food Processor

Want to enjoy hassle-free and speedy food preparation? Well, a food processor is designed to help you prepare some delicious homemade sauces, dressings, fruit purees and salad chopping within a matter of seconds. With a food processor, you can make absolutely any food ranging from healthy brownies to Falafel. You can work with this kitchen gadget to make some healthy recipes within a matter of minutes and this makes it a great addition to the kitchen.

4. Salad Spinner

The salad spinner is no longer a preserve of a few nowadays. It has become an amazing must-have kitchen gadget that will help turn your cooking into a quick, easy experience. With fruits and vegetables salads being a healthy choice for everyone, it will be good to have this appliance especially if you like preparing salads on a regular basis.

The spinner makes it easy and quick for you to dry your favorite leafy greens and the amazing thing is that it can also be used to drain excess water off pasta, wash broccoli, rinse and drain beans and berries among other things.

5. Garlic Press

We all know the health benefits associated with garlic but not many of us enjoy the fuss of preparing them for cooking. You can, however, avoid this mess and prepare your garlic for healthy cooking using a garlic press.

If you have been missing the hearty healthy nutritious garlic as you avoid the annoying experience of dicing garlic and the unpleasant, unending smell of this immune system boosting onion, a garlic press will be a worth appliance to invest in.

The appliance helps crush your garlic evenly thus making it easy for you to enjoy the most out of your cooking. To use the garlic press, just put the cloves into the press and then squeeze the two handles and you’ll have smooth results.

With several garlic press brands available in the market, you can get some reviews from sites such as Village Bakery in addition to other incredible kitchen tools that are designed to make your kitchen work fast, easier and hassle-free.

6. Hand Blender

A hand blender is a compact tool that can do wonders in the kitchen whenever you want to make healthy food fast and easily. Though small in size, this blender is so powerful and will measure up to the performance of larger conventional blenders.

The blender is hand-held and portable and allows for easy blending right into your cup, bowl or pot which eliminates the additional clean-up that’s commonly hated by many of us. You can use the blender to prepare vegetable-based soups, smoothies, salsas, and deeps in a fraction of time.

The blender is ideal for any size of a kitchen but most importantly those with smaller spaces will find it friendly as it does not super-impose on your work surface. The blender is also affordable and worth a thought.

7. Herb Scissors Set

One of the food preparation processes that many people loathe and avoid is that of chopping herbs and other ingredients. However, with the herb scissor set, the process works very fast and isn’t messy at all thus taking away the stress that’s commonly associated with this work.

The scissors are quick and precise as the stainless steel blades are able to snip different herbs and reduce them into small pieces. Just clean your herbs and chop them easily and efficiently using the scissors.

These kitchen appliances are not only meant to make your cooking easier and fast but they are also fun to use for everyone. Cooking your own healthy meals at home doesn’t need to be stressful and with the right tools you can enjoy the work and get the benefits of clean and hygienically prepared meals. All these kitchen gadgets can be found at an affordable price both locally and online.

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