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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout at Home

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

You know you need to get fit, but you don’t want to join a health club — it’s too expensive, there’s no gym convenient to you, or maybe you’re just the independent type. Or perhaps you’re already a gym member, but your schedule has been too manic for you to get away.

That leaves working out at home and you CAN have a great workout without leaving the house.

Furthermore, fitness experts encourage people to exercise at home as much as at the gym, as they become more apt to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. It doesn’t take much effort or money to design an effective workout program at home. Things like fit balls, dumbbells, exercise bands or tubing, and push-up bars are an inexpensive way to create a routine that works all the major muscle groups.

Here are 5 tips to motivate yourself to workout in your own home:

1.   Setting your own rules

By going to the gym, the fitness club or other places to work out, you have to follow their strict rules like dress code, behavior code, time limits, etc. All of that does not need to bother you at home. You can set up your own rules or simply follow no rules to make it fun and interesting.

2.   Play some music

Many people report that listening to music while exercising makes them feel better and keeps them motivated. Good music can lift the spirit and engage your body in a workout rhythm. It also ups your effort and helps you keep pace. You can play some peppy number, instrumental or anything else that can give you energy without getting bored.

Remember you can’t play music in most of fitness clubs, so avail the facility at home.

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3.   KISS (Keep it simple & short)

Kiss is the best theory to make anything interesting. While you are doing exercise at home, keep it easy as much as possible and do alternate exercises to not to get bored. You can pick easy fitness exercises or you can replace them with other alternatives like jogging. You can include aerobics or meditation or pilates to avail more benefits in less time, if interested.

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4.   Set up a routine

Exercising at home requires strict discipline else it is not going to be regular. However it offers you ultimate flexibility to choose appropriate time schedule as per your convenience, so grab the opportunity. But be disciplined and regular; make it a routine to attain full benefits. Just remember, an effective fitness program needs five components: a warmup, a cardiovascular (aerobic) workout, resistance (strength-building) exercises, flexibility moves and a cooldown.

5. Don’t know what to do? Dance!

Besides being lots of fun, dancing has many great health benefits. You will gain flexibility, strength, endurance and a sense of wellbeing just by throwing on your favorite tunes and getting your dance on!

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