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3 Things to Keep in Mind About Medicaid: Do You Meet the Strict Standards of Eligibility?

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

When a person reaches the age of 65, they may already be retired or they may still be working but contemplating retirement. People are working longer and holding off retirement in many cases because of financial concerns. Some people just enjoy their jobs or careers and do not want to give them up for as long as possible. There is nothing wrong with working as long as a person’s health and cognitive ability permits. But, once a person is retiring, they will have less income and perhaps more medical bills, so applying for Social Security and Medicare are important steps to take. A person might also be eligible for Medicaid.

A Person Might Need Help With Senior Services

Elderly home care

If applying for multiple services and income help seems too difficult, there are companies that will help seniors. Getting Medicaid services for the elderly requires decisions and forms to fill out correctly. There are choices in senior care management, once Medicaid is secured. Programs such as CDPAP let seniors choose their own caregivers that will be compensated. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program allows a person to choose family members or friends to help care for them with pay.

Qualifying for Medicaid

The Medicaid program has requirements for people who need help to meet. They include:

  1. A person must be age 65 or older
  2. The person must have a permanent disability according to Social Security Administration guidelines.
  3. Blindness, no matter what age
  4. Pregnant women may qualify
  5. A child or caretaker of a child meeting requirements
  6. You need to be a U.S.A. citizen or meet strict immigration rules
  7. You must be a legal resident of the state you are applying to.
  8. The applicant must have a Social Security number.

Should You Apply for Medicaid?

It is important for seniors to know what services they can have. Get help in applying for senior services if you are not sure you can fill out the forms correctly. In general, it is better to apply for Medicaid even if it is not a sure thing. Medicaid is a program administered by the states for low-income or disabled U.S. residents to help with certain services and medical costs.

To apply for Medicaid a person needs certain information and documentation, such as proof of age, proof of citizenship, proof of income and assets, proof of disability, insurance, and residence.

Three things to keep in mind are:

  1. Apply even if you are not sure if you qualify.
  2. Get help applying and make sure you have all your documentation collected before your appointment.
  3. Follow all the directions and submit your Medicaid application. Then, make sure you fill out a new application as needed or every year so you don’t lose your coverage. Keeping the original application and all the documents that are required up to date and in a convenient location will save time and aggravation. This is a good program for people who are in the low-income bracket. it helps everyone get the medical services they need to stay healthy and live longer.

Even if you do not get accepted the first time you apply, there is an appeal process, and there are companies that will help a senior with appeals and filling out these forms in a way that assures acceptance. This is one time when seeking assistance is a very good idea.

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