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Why Should You Try Online Medical Consultation?

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of face-to-face engagements became online or digital. This includes health services like medical consultation.

It is important to know your health condition, especially if you have symptoms of potential illness, as certain health issues can lead to higher susceptibility to diseases including COVID-19 itself.

Having non-personal doctor appointment, such as an online doctor consultation Cebu doctors offer, is a safe option that allows more people to address to their medical needs without going out of the home.

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The following are some of the benefits of trying online medical consultations.

1. Convenience and Safety

Instead of going outside and traveling to the nearest hospital or clinic, you can simply set an appointment online and get medically assessed within the comforts of your home. You can also avoid catching other diseases, a concern that a lot of people fear when going out, especially when going to high-risk areas such as hospitals and clinics.

Online consultations also serve as the best way to get immediate advice from medical professionals, especially for non-emergency case. Take note that not all diseases can be easily assessed online. Your doctor might still ask you to go to the hospital or clinic to undergo further tests if there are signs of conditions that need to be checked further especially through laboratory exams.

2. Time and Cost-saving

Since you are doing your check-ups from where you already are, you will not be spending on travel and related costs of going outside, like paying for parking or eating. You can also save yourself from getting stuck in traffic, or waiting in line for your turn with the doctor.

With online doctor consultation, you can get medically assessed with less costs. The Department of Health currently promotes telemedicine, so a lot of public and private hospitals who offer medical consultation online. There are also medical groups who offer free online consultations.

3. Variety of Specialists

Another benefit of doing online consultation is that you can choose from a variety of medical specialists. It is important that you talk to a specialist who is knowledgeable with your specific condition.

You want to consult with an expert as they can provide more specialized interventions that can help address your specific needs.

With online consultations, you can easily get in touch with specialists, even those that are nearby so you will not need to travel a long distance and spend time and money for each visit. With digital platforms, you can also easily get opinions from other specialists if you want confirmatory consultations.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality

In using digital platforms for online consultations, privacy is important. Most digital platforms are secured, and consultations are usually recorded for documentation purposes. Doctors also ensure that the information disclosed by the patient will be kept confidential.

5. Digital Records and Prescriptions

With online consultation, you do not need to keep hard copies of your medical records. Your assessments will be digitally saved. And if you need your records, you can simply request soft copies from the health institution, making it easier to get access to needed records.

If you need medicines or supplements, digital prescriptions will be sent to you as well. There’s no need to worry about not having your prescription as long as you have a copy of it in your mobile phone. It’s an efficient and environment-friendly way to get prescription medicines.

6. Self-Assessment

During online check-ups, the doctor may ask the patient to do some self-examination. This is a good way for you assess your overall health condition. This can also help you to know more about your key areas to check out for, and determine whether online consultation is enough, or if you should see the doctor in person.

Online consultation is an option that has gained popularity due to the current global situation. While there’s still a long way to go in improving how online consultation is done especially in developing countries, online medical consultations of today are helpful in limiting in-person consultations, especially as we try to limit exposure to COVID-19. But even after COVID-19, the benefits of online consultation have been made apparent, and will likely continue to evolve in time.

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