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What Can A Medicare Broker Do For You?

by Melissa Bell
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A Medicare insurance advisor helps you compare Medicare plans and benefits and choose the best one.

There are two distinct categories of insurance brokers that sell Medicare plans. The first option is to work with an impartial Medicare agent. This kind of Medicare agent collaborates with a wide variety of health insurance providers and has the ability to enroll you in a health plan offered by any of those providers.

The second kind of Medicare agent is known as a captive Medicare agent. When providing assistance to Medicare recipients, captive agents, as opposed to independent agents, have exclusive relationships with a single insurance provider and are thus restricted to offering only the plans offered by that provider.

A Medicare Advantage Broker is like an independent agent. They are not restricted to dealing with a single insurance provider. They are able to provide you with information about various insurance plans as well as enroll you in such policies.

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Agent or Broker Independence vs. Brokerage Captivity

Choosing an independent Medicare (https://www.medicare.gov/what-medicare-covers/your-med) agent or broker would seem to be the most natural thing to do. They provide several benefits that can’t be found with captive agents.

When you deal with them, for one thing, you have access to a larger selection of policies to pick from since they are agents for many different insurance providers. You also have a better chance of receiving impartial suggestions from them since they are not tied to or hired by a single insurance provider.

As a result of representing so many different plans, however, there is a potential that they may not have in-depth knowledge of any one of them.

When dealing with a captive agent, you receive guidance and suggestions from a specialist who knows the health insurance they market. When you work with captive agents, you won’t have the opportunity to investigate strategies provided by other insurance providers, even if some of those strategies could be a better match for your requirements.

How can a broker or agent who works with Medicare help you?

Agents and brokers that work with Medicare are well educated about the many Medicare plan options. They are required to undergo training and demonstrate an understanding of Medicare, as well as the health and prescription medication programs it provides, on an annual basis. 1 To sum up the key benefits of working with a Medicare agent or broker:

Examine the Various Health Plans.

Purchasing health insurance may be a pricey endeavor. Therefore, you should choose a plan (or mix of plans) that meets your requirements. But navigating one’s own way through the intricacies of Medicare plans, including their benefits, restrictions, and exclusions, may be quite a challenge.

A Medicare insurance agent or broker may assist you in narrowing down your choices and ultimately making a decision on which one to go with. They will talk to you and get a good knowledge of your financial situation as well as your health requirements, and then they will give you options that are tailored to fit within the boundaries that have been set. After you have made your choice, the representative will then sign you up for the plan.

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Evaluate the Coverage You Currently Have

Your Medicare insurance agent or broker may assist you in evaluating your present coverage to see whether or not it continues to fulfill your requirements. In the event that it does not, they will assist you in modifying your plans and provide you with choices to select from.

Helping You Save Both Time and Effort

You will be able to optimize the effectiveness of your search while still obtaining a fantastic deal if you make use of the services of an expert Medicare agent or broker. If you would like a range of alternatives to assess and do not have support from a broker or agent you will need to interact with several insurers, which is a process that may be time consuming. If you desire to have a number of choices to examine, go here.

Things to Take Into Account When Picking One

You should work with a Medicare insurance agent or broker that has a significant amount of expertise selling policies to people in your state if you want the best results. The availability of plans, the terms of benefits, and the existence of exclusions vary by state. Therefore, you should work with an insurance salesperson or broker who has considerable expertise selling Medicare policies in the state in which you live.


Before choosing a Medicare agent or broker, check to see whether they are certified to work in your state. Click here to see the certification requirements for Medicare brokers. You may verify this information by contacting the insurance department in your state. Agents’ license numbers are readily available upon request or may be located on their business cards.


You should engage with a Medicare broker or agent that has received positive feedback from previous clients. Request that the representative provide you a list of references that you may get in touch with.

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