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Arthritis Treatment Machines

by Melissa Bell
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Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the bones, mainly joints. Most arthritis patients complain of pain in their joints, which mainly affects their joints. The condition causes inflammation of the joints, which is why patients feel pain stiffness and see the area around the pain turn red. There are various types of arthritis that people might suffer from, some of the most common include; osteoarthritis, degenerative disease, which mainly occurs among the elderly, and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that affects the immune system. It can be explained as an autoimmune disease. One effect of the disease is that it cripples the patient’s joints.

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The best thing about human beings is that they try to fix all problems they identify. Since arthritis is a medical condition that can affect anybody you know, it is important to know the treatment solutions developed over the years. Many medical practitioners have worked tirelessly to figure out the best practices to use to help patients suffering from arthritis. Some treatment solutions include taking drugs meant to help with the pain, but this article focuses on machines developed to help with the treatment. Health practitioners worked alongside engineers and technicians to develop several machines that can influence the body and help treat or improve the condition among patients. Some of the most effective and common machines used to treat arthritis include;

TENS Machine

One of the most common factors or symptoms among patients suffering from arthritis is that they all suffer from excruciating pain. Nobody in the world would love to feel pain every time they take a step or try to do anything. This is the reason for the development of the TENS machine. The machine is considered one way to treat pain on various body parts without taking any drugs. This is good for people who either do not want to take drugs every time they suffer from joint pain or are allergic to components used to make the pain killers they would have to take.

TENS Machine Application

Different medical machines are used differently. The TENS machine is made up of the main part of the machine, which you do not need the technical details, connected to pads that are placed on or near the source of pain the patient suffers from. When the machine is turned on, the pads pulse to the body. The pulse sends electrodes through the skin, where the pads are placed into the nerve fibers. The nerve fibers’ main reason for the pulse is to block or limit the nerves’ ability to send pain signals to the brain and back to the injured joint.

Advantages of the TENS Machine

The TENS Machine is mainly used as a pain killer. The reason why the machine is preferred among arthritis patients is that it is fast-acting. Unlike medication, the TENS machine does not need to go through the digestive system or the circulatory system to get to the target area. It acts immediately and improves the patient’s ability to function and perform other tasks. The other advantage is that the TENS machine is non-invasive and drug-free. All these advantages are due to how the machine is used to reduce pain among the patients. the other advantage of the TENS machine is that it helps or manipulates the body to produce its natural pain killer. The body can develop its pain killer, endorphins, and encephalin. If the body can develop these chemicals, it can help the patient without the need for the introduction of chemicals to the body.

PEMF Therapy

The second machine that can treat arthritis is the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field machine. The PEMF machine is used among patients suffering from arthritis to help reduce pain and help in the treatment process. The machine acts on the body on a cellular level. It chargers body cells to help them gain the energy they require to improve efficiency.

Some advantages of PEMF application include; the first is that it energizes body cells to help improve their performance. Cells perform different functions for the body. When charged, they can work on their roles more efficiently. Meaning that cells meant to repair damaged body parts will be more efficient, thus helping repair the root cause of the problem. The second advantage is that it helps produce heat stress proteins that are meant to protect cells from breakdown and wear and tear. Production of the protein can help reduce or treat arthritis.


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