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The Five Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Whenever you undertake a surgical procedure, you’re always going to have a lot of questions. When it comes to dental surgical procedures in particular, a lot of us tend to get nervous. It’s perfectly understandable to be a little anxious and to want to know more about what the process entails. If you are getting dental implants, it can definitely help to see that the procedure is simple and effective. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about dental implants and get you some answers.

Is There An Age Requirement For Dental Implants?

Generally speaking, there is no age limit when it comes to dental implants. However, your dentist will want to inspect your jawbone to make sure that it is strong enough to allow for the surgery to take place. Health is more of a factor than age, and that is what your dentist will be making the decision based on.

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Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Having a dental implant put in is a surgical procedure, and as such your dentist will make sure that you have the appropriate anesthetic. Depending on the number of implants being put in, the amount of discomfort you experience after the procedure may vary but it should not be anything that can’t be taken care of with over-the-counter pain relief. For children with missing teeth, dental space maintainers are used instead of dental implants.

Why Should I Choose A Dental Implant?

The reason why so many dentists recommend dental implants is because it offers a permanent solution to your missing tooth. Dentures need to be replaced, and they won’t protect your jawbone from any further bone loss or changes. Some people opt for a dental bridge, but it’s important to note that these require additional work to be done to the surrounding teeth, while dental implants are more focused. If you want to learn more about why dental implants could be the right option, Pure Dentistry in Brisbane has a detailed and easy to understand break down of its advantages.

What Happens After I Have My Dental Implant Put In?

After you have the surgical procedure to insert the post (this is the screw-like fixture that imitates your tooth’s root), there will be a healing period that can last between two and three months. For the first couple of days, you’ll want to stick to soft foods, and try to avoid crunchy or chewy food for about a week. After the surgery has healed, your dentist will apply the crown and you will look good as new! You should maintain a good dental hygiene routine to minimize the chances of needing any further work.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Have The Tooth Replaced?

Leaving a gap where your tooth once was is a bad idea for several reasons. Leaving aside the fact that you will be constantly aware of it, you will find it harder to bite into and chew food. Your remaining teeth may start to drift and shift as a result of the gap. You may also experience deterioration to your jawbone and find that your face beings to appear sunken. Our teeth have taken enough of a hit during the pandemic, so treat yourself to a proper treatment.

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