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Say Goodbye to Skin Tags

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Skin tags are a kind of benign skin that develop and look like a flap of skin. In terms of medical viewpoint, this is completely harmless, however, you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible since it affects your appearance and self – esteem. Why do they appear? There is some evidence that they are connected to obesity, but not diabetes.

There are many medical treatment available, nonetheless in most of the cases, it can be treated by those natural home remedies that are simple and easy to follow. However, of skin tags appear on your face, especially the region near your eyes, it is recommended to have a doctor look at it. If you notice it around your scalp, it might be scalp acne. However, when it appears on somewhere else on the body, there is no harm to adopt some simple home remedies to get rid of it soon.


Oregano oil possesses thymol and arvacrol which have strong and effect antibacterial properties. Moreover, it also consists of anti-melanomic, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory as well as antispasmodic properties which are relatively effective when it comes to treat skin tags. It might take about one month to completely exterminate the skin tags.

  • Mix 2 – 3 drops of oregano oil into 4 – 6 drops of coconut oil to create a solution;
  • Apply this solution directly on your affected area for several times a day;
  • Let it dry on its own;
  • Wash off with water.

Note: Always ensure that you need to dilute the oregano oil with some carrier oil so that oregano won’t cause inflammation and irritation to your skin. Plus, do not use when the skin tags are near your eyes.


Fig stem juice can balance the alkaline – acid level in your body, therefore, it can be used effectively to treat skin tags.

  • Take some fresh fig stems and put them into a blender;
  • Blend them to extract the juice;
  • Apply the juice on the affected area and repeat the process for several times a day.


Tea tree oil is another effective home remedy to get rid of skin tags. This oil possess anti – fungal, antiviral as well as antibacterial properties that are helpful to dry out the skin tags, thereby the skin tags might fall off.

  • Dip a cotton swab in water and put some drops of tea tree oil on it;
  • Clean the affected area with mild soap and water;
  • Let it dry on its own;
  • Use the cotton ball with tea tree oil and dab gently on the affected area;
  • Give it a massage.

Note: It is significant to use water to dilute the tea tree oil so that it might not cause irritation to skin.


Lemonade possesses strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can dry out the skin tags and subsequently the skin tags will be exterminated.

  • Extract the juice from a half fresh lemon and pour it to a cotton swab;
  • Use the swab to apply the juice on your skin and let it dry on its own;
  • You may repeat this process for several times a day till you notice the improvement.


This can be adopted for many skin conditions especially skin tags.

  • Extract the juice from a dandelion’s stem by squeezing it;
  • When the liquid oozes out you, may take it and apply on the affected area;
  • Cover the area with a band – aid;
  • Repeat the process for several times a day;
  • Ensure that you have cleaned the area between applications.

Note: Do not use this remedy when you are allergic to daisies, ragweed, marigold or chrysanthemums or many other similar plants.


Apple cider vinegar possesses the great ability to damage the skin tags and eventually exterminates them.

  • Dip a cotton ball into the raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar;
  • Apply it on the skin tags till they are dry;
  • Ensure that you have squeezed out the excessive apple cider vinegar before applying and give the skin a massage so that the vinegar might take better effect;
  • It might cause a bit itching since apple cider vinegar contain acidic, therefore, to minimize the irritation you might dilute the apple cider vinegar with some water before using it.

Author: Hannah Hall has graduated Hanoi Medical University which is the most famous university in Viet Nam. She also had the time worked as a staff  nurse in Australia and Denmark where her main responsibility was patient nutrition manage. Now, she continues to take part in a lot of research which are related directly to nutrition. Moreover, sharing knowledge and writing are her particular passion. She also works as a major contributor in a Authorityremedies.com which provides many articles in natural and home remedies.

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