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One Arm Push Ups With Support

by Melissa Bell
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Welcome to the level 9 of our push up challenge, the last step before true one arm push ups. This is an important element in the series, where you will develop the last skills and technique needed to push you to the final challenge. After overcoming the final level of the Partial Range One Arm Push Ups, continue and challenge yourself with the One Arm Push Ups With Support.


Get into the usual starting position, with the feet together, legs, back and neck in a straight line and one hand on the floor. Put the ball at arm’s length to the side – in line with the shoulder. Catch the ball with your hand and keep this arm straight throughout the exercise. This is our starting position.

  • Controlling your body, slowly lower yourself to the floor while breathing in. When coming down the ball will naturally move away from the body;
  • Stop for a second and then press up towards the starting position, as you breathe out. Your straitened arm will make the ball roll slightly towards you. Repeat until you reach your goal.

Exercise Notes

One arm push ups with support are of comparable complexity to one arm push ups. That is one of the reasons they are the penultimate exercise in this push ups challenge. The hand that holds the ball is an important means for balance, while the arm on the floor actually takes the full load of the push ups. If you feel insecure and not ready to transition to a traditional one arm push up, you can use this exercise in your workout as long as you need. When you feel ready and have mastered the required balance, you can advance to the level 10 and remove the ball from the exercise.


First level 1 set of 5 reps (both arms)
Second level 2 sets of 10 reps (both arms)
Final level 2 sets of 20 reps (both arms)


As we mentioned, in this exercise the hand on the ball plays the role of balance stabilizer, while the entire burden falls on the arm on the floor. This is means you are practically doing one arm push ups, which can be difficult transition. To facilitate the exercise, place the ball closer towards you when lowering yourself. However, you should still maintain some distance and not try to turn it into the 7th level exercise, uneven push ups. Once you gain enough strength, place the ball as far away to the side from you as possible.


After overcoming the Final Level of one arm push ups with support, continue with the ultimate exercise in the series – the One Arm Push Up.

Image source: sportwiki.to

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