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Mind-Based Techniques to Help You Lose Weight

by Elise Morgan
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Embarking on the weight loss journey may be a matter of decision, but staying committed to the newly-adopted lifestyle centered on figure-friendly foods and regular trips to the gym is usually a case of mind over matter. Luckily, burning fat and building lean muscle doesn’t have to be all sweat and no sweets if you have the right mental tools in the bag of weight loss tricks.

According to nutritional psychology experts, weight and mental shape are closely related, which is why you should arm yourself with smart psychological techniques if you want to survive the tough, low-calorie days ahead and make most of your diet and exercise regime.

Weight Loss in Your Mind’s Eye

Have you ever actually tried to picture yourself living a life as a slim person? If you haven’t, it’s not a wonder your weight loss endeavors to date have failed. According to Jon Gabriel’s weight loss method, visualization is a powerful mental tool which can help you bust stubborn fat stock and get into shape faster.

Instead of causing a sense of deprivation and/or coercion, Gabriel’s method focuses on use of visualization tricks to alter biochemistry and neural pathways while at the same time preventing stress, cravings, and fears that can occur as a side effect during and after weight loss programs. Challenge your mind to nudge weight loss onto the right and speedy track: try and imagine a positive outcome of the slimming effort, and see how the image of a slim self makes you feel.

CBT to Help You Bust Waistline Inches

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychological technique commonly used to overcome trauma and phobias, but studies show it can do wonders for weight loss as well. In essence, the goal of CBT is to change the perception of the self from negative to positive, which is a major challenge on its own for many overweight people.

Commonly used CBT-based weight loss tactics include goal setting, self-monitoring, feedback, incentives, and positive affirmations and reinforcements about the outcome of the slimming efforts. The use of CBT tactics in weight loss industry rests on the premise that lasting lifestyle changes require a change of mind to go with a new set of habits to prevent the yo-yo effect which can occur unless the underlying cause of the weight problem is eliminated along with the extra waistline inches.

Lose Weight with Mindfulness in Mind

Devised by Professor Emeritus Jean Kristeller of Indiana State University, the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Therapy (MB-EAT) relies on the body’s innate eating and appetite mechanisms in pursuit of sustainable weight loss results.

MB-EAT challenges weightwatchers to tap into their bodies’ hunger and satiety signals, identify the type of food they crave, and expose themselves to tempting situations in order to beat compulsive eating. In MB-EAT, the goal is to make dieting pleasurable rather than limiting and to change the individual’s attitude towards food and eating altogether. Studies have shown that the method holds immense potential for countering binge eating as the main cause of weight problems, so if you want to build bulk and bust fat for good, give MB-EAT a go.

Keep Pushing Your Limits in the Gym

If you think your mental shape has little to do with your physical strength, you’re utterly wrong. Self-discipline, willpower, and mental stamina are all the assets of bodybuilders and professional athletes and they should be yours, too, if you’re set on weight loss success.

Counting calories is a nice start, but if you want to burn a few pounds of fat, you’ll need to put on top-quality fitness clothes and do a few sets of exercises at least two or three times a week. When it comes to the number of sets and reps, your mental strength can be the deciding factor in the pace of weight loss progress, so if you want to change the way you look, you’ll need to pull your psychological weight as well and change your mindset from Quitter to Champ.

Think you can’t think yourself thin? You’d better think again: your mind is the strongest weapon when it comes to the matters of physique. Henry Ford summed it up neatly: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Are you ready to put on a slim mental groove? Use these psychological weight loss strategies, keep challenging yourself, and you’ll get to rock your sexiest body at the beach this summer.

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