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Medical Colleagues Share Their Appreciation of Dr. Vinay Malviya, Michigan Gynecologic Oncologist And Surgeon

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Now enjoying retirement after 40 years of medical practice.

To his colleagues, from medical assistant and scrub nurse to fellow gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Vinay Malviya is the consummate professional: highly skilled, compassionate and tireless for his patients, always willing to take a consult from a fellow physician, ever ready to scrub into another surgery at a moment’s notice.


As a medical colleague who has known Dr. Vinay Malviya for more than 35 years relates:

“I have been a practicing OB/GYN physician for 42 years. I have known Dr. Vinay Malviya for more than 35 years. Over this time, he has become a trusted colleague. I referred all my gynecologic cancer patients to him until his retirement last year. Dr. Malviya is an outstanding physician who made himself available to OB/GYN physicians in several hospitals both for the management of their patients with cancer and those with complex obstetric and benign gynecologic diseases. My personal experience with my patients who had gynecologic cancer was that they got seen promptly, diagnosed efficiently and treated appropriately. They were all completely satisfied with his care and provided glowing testimonials of Dr. Malviya’s respectful interactions with them and his expertise in resolving their medical issues.”

Dr. Usha Ram

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

St Joseph Mercy Hospital Pontiac, MI

Other colleagues concur:

“We have worked with Dr. Vinay Malviya for greater than 20 years. Our collective opinion is that Dr. Malviya is a kind, compassionate, dedicated clinician who is always willing to go the extra mile for his patients and his colleagues. Dr. Malviya made himself available to consult, assist and treat our patients with gynecologic cancer. His clinical acumen, intraoperative decision making, and surgical skills are exemplary. He was also willing to participate in the care of patients when called during the surgical procedure. For example:  if a patient believed to have benign disease was found to have cancer during surgery, Dr. Malviya would join the procedure so the patient would not have to come back for a second operation. This tremendously improved the patient’s outcomes, comfort and satisfaction with their care.”

Jalal Panah MD

Toufic Wehibe MD

Michael Nicholson MD

Aabeen Hagroo D.O.

Leonard Dorey MD

M. Noroozian MD

Staff Obstetrician/Gynecologists

St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac, MI

Dr. Malviya’s colleagues also trusted their loved ones to his care:

“Doctor Malviya was recommended to us over 18 years ago by local oncologist Dr. MaryJo Woppel when my wife Juana Kotlyarov was diagnosed with early stages Bilateral Ovarian cancer. At the time, we contacted the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for a second opinion and scheduling the surgery and following chemotherapy. We were told by an oncologist in Cleveland Clinic that we should not come there, as Doctor Malviya in the Detroit area is one of the best gynecological oncological surgeons, on par if not better than their own staff! 

“Doctor Malviya consulted Juanita and expeditiously performed impeccable abdominal and pelvic resections of the primary tumors and multiple lymph nodes. Appropriate chemotherapy followed. During all of the last 18 (eighteen) years we visited Doctor Malviyas’s office 4-5 times a year. His office was always filled with grateful patients who valued his medical professionalism and respected his personal qualities. His office was often open till 2-3 am, as so many patients wanted his help! His care of my wife was the HIGHEST MEDICAL STANDARDS and Juanita has had no recurrence all this time. Remarkable results of unparalleled professional medical care!

Eduard V Kotlyarov, MD, PhD, SciD, FACR, FACNM

Former Clinical Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine: Michigan State University, Wayne State University and Georgetown University 1993-2012

Past President American College of Nuclear Medicine 2006

To learn more about Dr. Vinay Malviya and his 40-year career in medicine, please visit his websites: www.drmalviya.com and www.vinaymalviya.com.

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