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How Running Changes Your Body

by Melissa Bell
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Running is a great form of exercise for everyone that’s not only looking to get fit and burn some fat but also anyone looking to improve their endurance and stamina. Aside from the obvious physical advantages and benefits, you will be able to notice once you start running, you will also improve the state of your organism in ways that are less obvious.

So, aside from improving your endurance and boosting your overall performance, you can expect to significantly improve your overall health. The best part is that running can also improve your mental well-being, which is certainly something many of us could benefit from. That being said, let’s explore various ways running changes your body, both on the outside as well as on the inside.

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Before you start

Before you start practicing running regularly, you will need to take care of some basics first. While you may be tempted to go running in your old sweatpants and worn-out sneakers, you may want to reconsider this decision. Instead, get your hands on some supportive runner clothes and proper footwear. Choosing to run in shoes that are not designed specifically for that purpose can easily hinder your efforts and even cause injuries. That’s why you want to get proper supportive footwear. This is especially true if, for instance, you have high arches. Not only will poor choice of shoes cause severe discomfort but it can also cause serious injuries, such as shin splints. So, to avoid putting your well-being at risk, look for high-quality running shoes for high arches.

Improved muscle and joint performance

Even though you may think that running will only improve and tone your leg muscles, that is actually not true. When you run, your whole body is moving, which means that all of your muscles will be moving as well. What this means is that by running, you will significantly improve the performance and the mobility of both your muscles and joints. If you have any issues with your knees, for instance, you stand to significantly alleviate them with a proper running technique.

Better cardiovascular health

Next, aside from improved mobility, running will also greatly benefit your cardiovascular health. When you run, you condition your cardiovascular system to work a certain way. Studies show that runners have much healthier hearts than people who don’t exercise. What this means is that running can significantly reduce the risk of any health issues associated with your cardiovascular system. Additionally, better cardiovascular health will have positive effects on your blood pressure. The healthier your cardiovascular system is, the more your blood pressure will be under control. Of course, if you’re someone who’s already suffering from this condition, make sure you monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis, regardless of the fact whether you’re working out or not.

Lower blood sugar levels

The sad truth is that a huge chunk of the world’s population is suffering from some type of high blood sugar levels. The fact that most people lead very sedentary lifestyles and, unfortunately, don’t really take care of their diets made conditions, such as diabetes, far more common. Luckily, running can help reduce blood sugar levels. As mentioned earlier, when you run, you increase your heart rate. Your muscles use glucose, the sugar that’s found in your blood, as an energy source. So, when you run, your muscles need more energy. And by using the energy provided by glucose in your blood, your body will actually be lowering its glucose levels. That’s why light to moderate running is an excellent form of exercise for anyone suffering from high blood sugar levels.

Improved circulation

Running is also a great activity for anyone suffering from poor circulation. As mentioned earlier, when you run, you get your heart rate up which improves circulation. This is important as improved circulation provides better transportation of all the nutrients in your blood. Furthermore, the faster you run and the faster your heart is pumping, you tend to breathe more. What this means is that your blood will also become more saturated with oxygen. The more oxygen your brain receives, the clearer you will be able to think. That’s why many people say that “running helps them think” or that it “clears their mind”.

Reduced body fat

In the end, running can also help you with weight loss. Of course, this doesn’t mean that no matter your eating habits, you’ll lose weight if you take up running. If your goal is a leaner physique and you want to reach your goal in a healthy way, start running. Aside from going for a run on a regular basis, you should also start paying more attention to the type of food you eat, how much you eat in a day and how consistent your meals are.

Running is an excellent physical activity that promises to bring great benefits to your overall health. So, don’t just sit there. Instead, get up, put your running shoes on and start running towards a healthier future.

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