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Here’s Why You Should Be Sleeping Naked

by Melissa Bell
1 minutes read

Well, burn your pajamas and throw away all the oversized t-shirts. Turns out we all need a little bit more nudity in our lives, especially when it comes to sleeping.

DNews deftly sums up all the latest science on the benefits of sleeping au naturale in their resent video. The reasoning behind it is very simple – people sleep better at slightly lower body temperatures, and obviously the less clothing, the less heat. Even a very slight increase in temperature can increase activity in areas of the brain that regulate sleep cycles, resulting in a more disturbed sleep. Studies show that a decrease as tiny as 0.4°C (1.1°F) can make all the difference.

For men, the slight temperature drop can also help increase sperm count, since sperm is best produced at temperatures just below core body temperature. For women, being free from restrictive clothing can allow more air and cool to their private bits, which is important since harmful bacteria can easily thrive in warm and moist areas.

Sleeping unclothed with a partner also has biochemical profits. Skin-to-skin contact is proven to increase the release of oxytocin, better known as the “love hormone”, which can boost mood, help maintain the immune system, and even spark feelings of emotional intimacy.

For a look at the best and worst sleeping positions for chronic pain visit here. If you feel you need more excuses to take it all off when sleeping, check out the video below:


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