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Advantages and Disadvantages of Treadmill Use for Exercise

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

During the lockdown, we all felt trapped as our physical movements were constricted. And one of the biggest concerns for us since then has been how to stay safe and fit during the covid period. That’s when most of us started binge buying home fitness equipment.

The best and most popular buy among them has been the treadmill. Because its benefits are not only limited to pandemics. There are many other benefits of having a treadmill at home. It’s one workout machine that’s basic yet effective for everyone. Even if you are starting your journey of staying fit, it can certainly help you!

However, where it has its advantages, it has a few downsides too. Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of treadmills used for exercise!

Advantages of Using Treadmill

Control the Intensity

While using a treadmill, you will have complete control over the intensity of running. This is what makes this workout machine suitable for every individual. You can run, jog, or walk as per your energy levels. Moreover, you will be able to set a timer for your run. Plus, you can begin with a slow warm-up spell and then can accelerate to a higher pace. Also, you can have a cool-down spell for when your energy levels are low.

Moreover, you can adjust the inclination too. Even at 1% to 2% inclination, you will be able to burn more calories as compared to the flat surface.

Get in Shape and Burn Calories

Treadmill use for exercise will help you burn some calories and will get you in good shape. You can burn 100 calories by running a mile. This would probably require only 10 to 15 minutes of running for an average individual. You can set a routine for running for short periods and take a few cool-down timeouts. This will help in maximizing your agility and burning more calories.

Train for the Race

Using a treadmill, you can train yourself for a race. Since the treadmill has a flat surface with no evenness, it will condition you and help you prepare yourself for the race on a racetrack. Plus, you’ll be able to train regardless of the weather outside.

Track Your Consistency

The latest treadmills in the market help you track the consistency in your workout. With their built-in trackers, you can count your steps. Also, you can monitor your heart pumping rate for every run. It will help you in monitoring your progress over time.

Benefits for Heart & Diabetes Patients

Another added benefit of the treadmill is for diabetic and heart patients. Running or jogging daily with a set routine helps in maintaining good health. With running faster, your body would inhale more air, and since the lungs work faster, the heart also pumps the blood quickly. Also, running helps in fighting against insulin resistance.

Provides Recovery Assistance

For the ones who are recovering from a severe injury and are unable to walk, the treadmill can be a great assistance. There are railings at both sides of the treadmill, which the patients can grip for safety while they walk. It’s especially recommended for back or leg injuries.

Disadvantages of Using Treadmill

It’s Not Cheap

Though there are many benefits of having a treadmill, it is not cheap. You will be required to spend a total of $1000 to $2000 on a quality workout machine. Therefore, only invest in a treadmill if you are going to use it daily.

Affects Joints

Another big downside of exercising on a treadmill is that it will severely affect your joints. Although they are built to resist any kind of impact on the body, some joints are at risk of injuries. The back, knee and hip joints are prone to get affected by continuous workouts on the treadmill. To escape that, you might consider changing your workout routine regularly.

Can Affect Your Flexibility

Yet another disadvantage of the treadmill is that it might affect your body’s flexibility. While training on a treadmill, your body is being conditioned to run on a flat and even surface. It is unlike what running feels like on a natural surface. Therefore, even when you will be walking on a rocky place, your mind would think it’s flat. Thus, you will be taking badly judged steps. That’s why your body’s natural flexibility will be affected.

Final Thoughts

The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment. The treadmill is most often the first fitness equipment a person buys, for starting their journey as a fitness enthusiast. There are several benefits of having a treadmill at home. It can help you get in shape and burn calories and is ideal for heart and diabetes patients. You can train for a race and track your consistency and progress along the way. Moreover, you can control the intensity of your run. Therefore, recovery patients can also benefit from the treadmill.

However, there are a few disadvantages of the treadmill as well, that you must keep in mind. Firstly, it’s a pricey option. Secondly, it can affect your joints. Lastly, your flexibility might be affected.

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