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7 Reasons Why Some Individuals Are More Prone to Drug Abuse and Addiction

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

With the rise of drug abuse in an uprising, we are desperately clinging to find answers.

This is why professionals prioritize therapy when it comes to treating addiction; this is mostly because finding answers to the triggers, family issues, and environmental issues that caused the addiction in the first stage is very important.

We often see people confused and not understanding how to deal with their overwhelming emotions.

  • At times, they are unable to say no to the wrong crowd.
  • Sometimes, they fail to hold their sobriety and relapse.

Why does this happen?

Not that the entire world is addicted to drugs, then why do some people have the willpower of the glass jar more than others.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the following pointers,

  • The reasons behind drug addiction.
  • Reasons why some individuals are more prone to drug abuse and addiction.

Drugs have a very strong grasp on your body and mind. On frequent use, the constant chemical reaction in our body starts causing dependency.

Our body starts thinking that it needs the drugs to feel a certain way, and when the patient starts averting from them, that is when the withdrawal issues begin.

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Looking For a Recovery Center

If you are looking for a recovery center, then here are the pointers you should look for.

  • They provide exclusive customized treatment for each patient.
  • They have 24/7 help.
  • They have different facilities, both clinical and holistic.

These are to say a few. However, if you are actively searching for one, you can stop looking.

Ascendancy detoxification can provide all the above-mentioned benefits and more. You can learn more by visiting this page.

They have a good success rate, and with the rightful help, you will be able to walk on the path of sobriety and see the end of the tunnel.

Reasons Behind Drug Addiction

These are some common reasons we see people getting addicted to drugs and other substances.

1. Poor Mental Health

This has always been a big concern when it comes to addiction. It is no secret that bad mental health can cause severe addiction issues, especially drugs.

It is when the patient is tired of suffering from anxiety or chronic depression and finds solace in the chemicals. It is the euphoria and the high that they get addicted to.

2. Pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic has seen a surge of many negative elements, one of which is the increase in drug addiction.

Due to the lack of control, and the right company to supervise the patients, people are getting more and more addicted to these substances to cope.

3. Peer Pressure

This is something heavily in teens. Again, the pressure of not feeling left out and the pressure of getting included is what leads them to try these substances out of statutory force.

Teens have a vulnerable mind, and they are confused. Thus, getting addicted to these substances gets easier.

4. Past Trauma

Drugs have been used as a form of the coping mechanism during PTSD. Unfortunately, some of these drugs might not be prescribed.

This particular case has also seen a huge surge in using prescription drugs to get high and deal with trauma.

5. Experimenting

This is commonly seen in teens, but experimentation can go on for every age group. The worst part about experimentation is that the person never expects to get addicted.

However, there are reasons why some are more prone to addiction, and we will be discussing this further.

Reasons Why Some Individuals Are More Prone to Drug Abuse

These are some of the scientifically proven reasons for individuals to be more prone to addiction than others.

1. Genetics Transfering Addiction Genes

This might not be known to everyone, but yes genes can transfer the urge of addiction. It doesn’t always have to be the immediate parents or family. Even a recessive gene from a distant relative can get transferred to the offspring.

Children with a family addiction history should be kept away from these substances at any cost.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is painful. When someone is unable to dwell in the present because of the haunting memories of the past, always knowing at the door; thus, drugs become a ‘savior.’

A patient with PTSD is always more prone to get addicted, even with one experiment than the others.

3. Chronic Stress

Chronic stress doesn’t go away, and the reality keeps getting difficult. Finally, the chemical effects of the drugs take away the chaotic thoughts for a few hours, leaving the person in the delusion of peace.

This is one of the reasons why people with Chronic stress can get addicted to drugs more easily than you might think.

4. Teenagers

Teenagers are going through a very vulnerable stage of their life. They are just molding their personality, all the while trying to fit in.

It is easier to convince a teen to use these substances than a grown adult with more experience and wisdom.

5. Family History of Addiction

Family history is not the same as genetics. This is when children are brought up in a toxic addiction included environment.

They see their parents or siblings indulging in these substances.

– First, there is easier access.

– Second, there is curiosity.

Thus, it is easier to get addicted.

6. High IQs

Yes, this is very uncommon, but not impossible. People with high IQs have an innate curiosity about everything.

We have seen people from high academic backgrounds and CEOs fall prey to drug addiction.

7. Negative Emotionality

This doesn’t mean someone is more pessimistic; it means that they react very differently in terms of negative situations.

If a person is prone to severe anxiety or a state of depression when confronted with something negative, they can also get more prone to drugs.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

The reason for us to discuss these situations is to alert people about the possibilities of drug addiction.

Yes, drug addiction is not the end of the world, and proper help can let a patient on the path of sobriety.

However, prevention is better than cure, and one should be aware of these issues so that one can address them at an early age and stay away from addiction.

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