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5 Ways to Elevate Your Sleep Experience

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Sleep is a vital part of both physical and mental well-being. People who get less than 6 hours of the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep are at high risk of diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline. You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so it is important to make it a priority.

A comfortable mattress is often the first step to improving sleep efficiency. It can also lower body temperature at night and improve the percentage of deep sleep. Elevate your sleep experience by exploring some of the more luxurious mattress offerings and creating a spa experience. There are many other ways to improve your sleep, including:

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1. Adjustable Sleeping

People have unique sleeping preferences. Some prefer to sleep on their side, while others prefer sleeping on their back. Interestingly. 75 percent of Americans still sleep on the same side of a bed in their hotel, even if they are traveling.

Mattress firmness can also be a factor in determining sleep quality. Around 43 percent of Americans prefer a medium mattress, 32 percent firm, and 19 percent soft. In other words, different mattresses work for different people. Some mattresses can be adjusted based on sleep angle, position, firmness, and temperature for optimal comfort.

These mattresses offer different adjustments for each side of the bed, perfect for sleep partners with varying needs. These are also great for snorers who need to sleep elevated. Some mattresses have an adjustable bed frame with massage capabilities. Imagine the convenience of having a comfortable bed and a massager to keep you relaxed while you sleep.

2. Luxurious Pajamas

Clothing can also affect the quality of sleep because fibers in clothing can have different thermal properties. For example, studies suggest that a room temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit while wearing wool promoted greater sleep onset. But when the room temperature increased to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, cotton fabric promoted greater sleep onset.

There are pajamas designed for sleep that help regulate body temperature. It also helps the mind and body feel more cared for when draped in something nice. So, treat yourself to some pajamas you’ll look forward to putting on every night.

2. Sheets Matter

The type of material matters when it comes to sheets. For example, synthetics tend to trap more heat, making it uncomfortable to sleep, so cotton sheets are better. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets.

Find a bedding set that makes your bed a special place and fits your needs. There are many types of sheet materials available, so make sure you understand the pros and cons of each. If you have time, go to a physical store so you can actually touch the fabric.

4. Nice pillow

A pillow plays an integral part in elevating your sleeping experience. Pillow technology has seen a lot of improvements over the years. Poor neck and head support can cause a lot of pain in other areas of the body; therefore, it is important to invest in a pillow that provides the proper support.

Pillows made from quality memory foam that supports the neck are now available.  If a new mattress is too big of an expense, consider an excellent pillow purchase instead. There are many affordable but quality options available to choose from.

5. Create Your Own Spa

The routine leading up to sleep is just as important as the actual sleep. Take a hot bath, drink some tea, light a candle, or play soothing music. Make your home your own private spa to relax into a good night’s sleep.

You can also make use of essential oils to soothe your different senses. For example, lavender promotes relaxation and can calm anxiety, while bergamot (the scent associated with Earl Grey tea) can help reduce stress. You can add these to a diffuser to give your bedroom a relaxing scent while receiving the benefits of aromatherapy.

Proper Sleep Leaves You Rejuvenated

Sleep plays an integral part in your physical and mental well-being. Make sure to get quality sleep each night to recharge and rejuvenate. Reward yourself once in a while and invest in things that can elevate your sleeping experience.

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