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5 Exercises For Bigger Arms

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

If you think you need bigger arms to get all the eyeballs in the room, then it is necessary to learn the science behind building muscles in general. For getting more muscles, one needs to be focused on specific points. For example, you put the right stress on muscle parts with adequate exercise.

Most importantly, know what you put inside your body. A healthy diet is mandatory for building more substantial and bigger muscles. To help you on your muscle-building journey, we have listed down a few efficient exercises for bigger forearms and why forearms? Because they are the most prominent when it comes to having a nice-looking body.

EZ Bar Curls

EZ Bar Curls is not a challenging task to do. It is an easy exercise, and its main aim is biceps. Adjust the weight that you can deal with and set a moderate pace. It would be better to do 6-8 reps with a set of three. When you curl, it is necessary to keep your back straight and up your chest. For keeping the force on the biceps, you have to lock up your upper arms.

Arnold Overhead Press

If we talk about the most effective upper body exercise in the forearm workout, it would be the Arnold press. It will surely strengthen up the triangular part of the deltoids. Due to the movement in many motions, this exercise will help build several areas of muscles. Arnold press is a complete set of upper parts specifically for deltoids.

Reverse Fly

Workout of the reverse fly is crucial for posterior deltoids. It works primarily for rhomboids (the muscles near the inside of the shoulder blade) and traps as well. To elevate the arms until the moment they might become equivalent to the floor. Another point that you should focus on is not to retract the shoulder blades far from each other. It is better to exhale when you lift and inhale when you put back down to emphasize this move.

Triceps Extensions

Several variations that you can go with. One is to do a lying-down skull crusher. It works from the elbow muscles to the latissimus dorsi that is the muscle part of the back. The other one which is beneficial for the extension of the triceps is seated overhead. Both work well so that you can switch from one to the other at everyday workouts. Since it is a single joint exercise, it is necessary to focus on pushing your shoulder into the bench’s surface for balance. And don’t go ahead; if you can’t do one set appropriately at a time.

Bench Press

Many think that bench press is only for the chest. But actually, it also helps to increase your biceps and triceps. It looks like a workout that gives it all. Try to keep the back straight and flat and keep in mind that less stress should be applied to the shoulders. Tuck the elbows straight up, and the wrist should be bent very slightly. The last important thing is to take a breath when you come down and exhale when you go up.


Burning more calories than fat is a more practical thing, and that’s what muscle exercises provide you. Arm exercise is also one of the most acceptable ways to strengthen your muscles and a good fitness source. Therefore, we have tried to spread the information about the best ways for starting the workout for bigger arms. But consistency is the only way out that can lead you towards the highest results.

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