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12 Unique Ways to Style Your Scrubs

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

If you’re a medical professional who loves to express yourself with fashion, you might feel a bit boxed-in by the typical scrubs uniform. But the truth is that there are tons of different ways to wear scrubs that go beyond the standard, whether it involves integrating funky prints or going with an out-of-the-box color combo. In this article, we cover a few fun ideas for ways to style your scrubs so they reflect your personality and sense of style every single shift you work.

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1. Mix and match colors and prints. As medical professionals, we want to appear trustworthy and capable, and one of the best ways to do that is to wear sensible, solid colors. But blue isn’t the only option. In fact, some studies show that brighter colors can decrease anxiety in pediatric patients. What does this tell us? It’s OK to veer away from the head-to-toe solid colors. Instead, consider mixing and matching solid-colored bottoms with patterned or bright-colored tops.

2. Go with a tie-dye print. Feeling trendy? Consider integrating some fashion-forward prints into your scrubs collection to help showcase your personality and spice things up a bit. Why not rock some tie-dye scrubs to celebrate your free-spirited or trendy sense of style? Go for a rainbow or solid-colored look so you always have an option on hand that reflects your mood and style for the day.

3. Wear your favorite buttons and badges. If it’s permitted by your healthcare system, dress up your uniform with some funky buttons and pins to help show your sense of style and display the things you love. Whether it is a sports team, a TV show, a funny phrase or something to show off your pride in your profession, these accessories bring plenty of flair to your ensemble.

4. Wear your favorite character. Did you know that you can find scrubs featuring all sorts of officially licensed designs of your favorite characters and franchises? Whether it is a cartoon, a classic movie franchise or a beloved Disney character, these fun scrubs are sure to spark conversation!

5. Rock some scrub jogger pants. Joggers are some of the most comfortable pants out there. Thanks to the comfy drawstring waist, cuffed legs and extra pockets, they just so happen to make great scrub pants, too. Plus, they give off a distinctly stylish vibe with a sporty, streetwear-inspired twist.

6. Consider some nursing sneakers. If you’re used to the standard nursing clogs, you might want to consider branching out with some trendy sneakers. This sporty option provides plenty of support and comfort but brings a more laid-back, relaxed style. Nursing tennis shoes are a popular choice for physical therapists and athletic trainers, but they look at home in almost any environment. Tip: they look amazing with your scrub joggers and jackets!

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7. Pepper in some funky compression socks. The socks you wear during your shift can have a huge effect on your performance each day and your health in the long-term. In fact, wearing compression socks can help promote blood flow, which, in turn, helps prevent pain, swelling and lightheadedness. Complete your style with some fun, patterned compression socks that add to your look!

8. Layer up with a stylish and functional scrub jacket. Fashionable and functional, scrub jackets help you layer up in style. Not only do they add an extra pop of personality to the top half of your uniform, but they also provide extra pockets — and we could all use more of those — plus an extra layer of warmth and protection when it’s chilly out. Keep it trendy with a zip-front scrub jacket that you can wear open or closed.

9. Spice it up with a zip-front top. Who says your scrubs top has to be basic? In addition to choosing fun prints and patterns, you can also shake things up with a short-sleeved top featuring a chic zip-up front. This versatile option can be worn open, closed or half-zipped, so it always suits the vibe you’re going for.

10. Branch out with colors. Have you considered branching out with your work uniform color scheme? If you’re not big on funky prints and patterns, you can shake things up in a subtler way with bright or uniquely colored tops, pants and jackets. Hot pink or yellow can be an eye-catching option in the summer while pastels and jewel tones look amazing in the spring.

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11. Try a fun animal print. Love animals and showing your sassy side? You’ll look fierce in some cool animal print scrubs. Go classic with a head-to-toe leopard look or dial up your wild side with something in a funky zebra print. We’re willing to bet you’ll get a ton of compliments if you go this route!

12. Go for a graphic scrubs top. Another awesome way to show your personality and make a statement while at work is to choose a graphic top that sends a message to patients and co-workers. Say whatever you want to say with vibrant tops featuring fun or humorous messages in bright, fun colors and designs.

At the end of the day, the key to successful scrub styling is to build an outfit that works for you while expressing your sense of style. Not only should your scrubs keep you comfortable all day long, but they should also help make the workday just a little bit more fun and enjoyable. When you feel happy and confident in what you’re wearing, you’re much more likely to enjoy your work and make your patients and co-workers smile!

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