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#1 Rated Chiropractor in Oklahoma City Explains His Best Techniques

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? If not, you have probably wondered about the methods these practitioners use to relieve pain and speed up recovery.

Chiropractors are proficient at performing multiple techniques, each of them having a special purpose. These methods include flexion-distraction, spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation, spinal decompression, the Gonstead technique, the activator method, and the drop technique.

Each adjustment method is focused on providing a special kind of relief, either focusing solely on the spine or the rest of the joints.

Have a look at the explanations for every adjustment method.


Flexion-distraction is a popular chiropractic technique that aids the treatment of a few lumbar-spine conditions, such as sciatica, disc injuries, as well as back and leg pain. Chiropractors apply this technique to improve spinal motion and treat herniation or disc bulges. These professionals need a special table to perform the flexion-distraction technique, allowing them to manipulate the spine’s condition of patients.

Besides the motion of the table, chiropractors apply manual techniques to enable pressure removal from the spinal discs. This kind of motion ensures all the vital nutrients find their way into the discs, which require nutrition to keep functioning and remain healthy. Also, the pressure on the nerves of the spine is significantly reduced, which is responsible for causing pain. In fact, there are three ways your spinal discs might be causing your back pain.

Patients seem to adore this technique, given the adjustment causes no pain. Consequently, it’s the best alternative for individuals who recently got injured or are extra sensitive to other methods of chiropractic adjustment.

The Gonstead technique

Another prominent chiropractic technique in OKC is the Gonstead adjustment, which got its name after the founder. The goal of this adjustment method is to realign the discs and restore the lost mobility. The patient is supposed to lie on his/her side or sit up, as these positions allow professionals to get his/her joints realigned.

Moreover, these two positions allow chiropractors to manipulate the lower back in an attempt to reduce stiffness and pain while increasing mobility. This chiropractic method is part of the program of almost all education courses for chiropractors, meaning it’s highly available to patients.

back spline sciatica

The activator method

The activator method is a chiropractic technique, which chiropractors perform with the help of a small device called the activator. It’s used in the treatment of back and neck pain, along with pain in the limbs. If interested in hiring a chiropractor, click to visit the #1 rated chiropractor in Oklahoma City, improving the range of motion in patients. The activator uses short pulses to locate the affected area by preventing the body from becoming tense.

In addition, the activator device used by chiropractors adjusts the nervous system tone, which assists the treatment of various conditions, ranging from headaches to back pain issues. Since the pulse is applied to a specific area, the joints are prevented from bending and being placed in a compromised position.

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation, also known as spinal mobilization, is used for relieving joint pressure, alleviating inflammation, and improving nerve function. The joints of patients are adjusted with gentle motion, which is nothing in comparison to the force used in other techniques.

Many patients are fond of spinal mobilization because of the absence of an audible popping sound that some individuals find disturbing. Due to the gentle approach, the pace of recovery is slower when compared to the other chiropractic methods.

The drop technique

Another popular chiropractic method is the drop technique, also popular under the name the Thompson technique. Chiropractors need a special table made from padded platforms and equipped with drop mechanisms, allowing practitioners to drop patients onto the table while applying pressure. Nevertheless, these drops are only felt by patients as vibration, not discomfort.

Patients need to be dropped a couple of times for the process of spinal manipulation to be successful. Prior to performing this adjustment, OKC chiropractors need to analyze the length of a patient’s legs and see how it correlates to the spine and pelvis.

Extremity manipulation

Extremity manipulation is yet another commonly used adjustment method, which involves joint manipulation not related to the spine. For instance, this kind of manipulation might be performed on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, or hip joints. The alignment of joints outside the spine is used to promote mobility without causing too much stress on the spinal cord.

Moreover, this chiropractic method is applied to patients with various conditions, but the most frequent ones involve posture issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. Patients are likely to experience slight discomfort during the process, which depends on the condition and sensitivity of their joints.

Spinal decompression

The spinal decompression technique is largely effective in the treatment of back pain, which results from slipped, herniated, or degenerated discs. Once again, chiropractors use a special table so as to carefully stretch the spine of patients. Such stretching is vital in the promotion of healthy oxygen and water flow, along with the other essential fluids that need to run through the spine.

The diversified technique

Last but not least, the diversified technique is used for three main purposes. These include restoration of spinal alignment, promotion of movement, and repair of joint dysfunction. Instead of instruments, chiropractors use hands-on thrusts and utmost precision to restore the right alignment of bones and joints.

The diversified adjustment is probably the most widely used chiropractic method, given almost a hundred percent of chiropractors apply it to their patients. In fact, almost seventy percent of the patients going to a chiropractor have tried it.

A final note

Chiropractic methods are effective if the most appropriate one is chosen for a particular condition.

Chiropractors know the best treatment for specific types of pain and guarantee the expected results to patients!

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