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Top 7 Signs Your Diet Works Even if You’re Not Losing Weight

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Many of us have been there—watching the numbers on the scale slowly come off until one day, it stops moving. This can cause frustration if we are trying to lose weight, sometimes resulting in discouragement that makes it hard to stay motivated with our diet.

Before you give up—take a few minutes to read this article and find out if your diet is still working for you. Weight loss is not the only effect of a diet. Even when you don’t seem to be losing pounds, you might still be experiencing muscle growth, inches lost, and better overall health. This article will go over some signs that your diet is still working.

1. You Feel More Energized

The best diet is going to leave you feeling energized and ready to go. You will find your mind more focused and your body has more energy to go through with your workout regimen. This can only happen if you have chosen a diet that focuses on nutrition, rather than restricting calories.

You will notice that you feel ready to wake up in the morning, without needing caffeine or stimulants to keep you going. There will be no late afternoon crash with the need to seek out more caffeine or sugary snack. You will also notice that after a workout, you do not feel completely wiped of energy.

This is effective because healthy foods are nutrient-dense, meaning your body can put the calories that it is absorbing to good use. You can learn some tips for making your diet focused on energetic foods here.

2. Your Clothes Fit Better

The numbers on the scale decreasing is not the only sign that you are getting in shape. When you diet, some areas of the body may lose faster than others. The amount of water, waste, and the ratio of muscle to fat can all affect how much you weigh. What truly matters, however, is how you look and feel.

When you start to lose weight, your clothing is going to fit better or become looser. You may even find the need to go out and buy new clothes after weight loss—which is definitely a great reward for all your hard work.

3. You Have Not Consider the Muscle-to-Fat Ratio of Your Body

While scientifically, a pound of muscle does weigh as much as a pound of fat, a pound of fat takes up nearly five times the space that a pound of muscle does. This means that when you are gaining muscle, it may seem that you are not dropping pounds as quickly as you would like.

As you are dieting, engaging in light strength training and aerobic exercise can really boost muscle growth. This can speed your weight loss efforts since muscles burn more calories while sitting at rest than fat does. This means that as you replace the fat in your body with muscle, you will be burning more calories when resting than before.

4. You Are Getting Strong and Healthy

Dieting does not always have to be about losing weight. There are a number of other benefits, from mental benefits like stress reduction and increased happiness to physical benefits like better blood pressure and physical strength. If you are getting stronger and healthier, it is a good sign that your diet is working.

5. Meals Are More Satisfying

One of the mistakes that people make is choosing foods that are light on calories, instead of choosing those that are high in nutrients. Once your diet is where it needs to be, you will find that meals are more satisfying.

Before, you may have felt heavy or bloated after eating. As you eat properly and intake more wholesome foods, your dieting efforts will improve and you will feel a lot better.

6. Your Body Eliminates Waste More Efficiently

If you have ever had irregular bowel movements, then your diet may have been to blame. The good news is that as you improve your weight loss efforts, there are good odds that your body will eliminate waste more efficiently.

This is a good sign because the digestive tract can absorb toxins and trap them in the body. These toxins can be absorbed through breathing and the skin, as well as in the foods that we eat. As these toxins are removed from your digestive tract, you will feel healthier. Incorporating the right kind of carbohydrates in your diet can play a critical role in digestion, so include plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain sources.

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7. Your Mood Improves

When your diet is working, your body will be getting all the nutrients that it needs to thrive. This means that endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are all hormones that boost happiness, are produced at high levels. This can prevent moodiness and creakiness, as well as boost your overall happiness with life.

There are many benefits of changing your diet. The improved mood combined with higher levels of energy can give you the confidence to go out with people again and improve your life.

Dieting is challenging enough without creating obstacles for yourself over worries that your diet is not working. Always remember that change takes time, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Don’t jump ship or lose faith in your diet too quickly and be sure to use this list to find out if your diet is still helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Author bio: Amber Wilson is an educator and a technical writer from Everett currently employed as a content strategist at ThesisRush. She believes that blogging is the new type of journalism.

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