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Natural Remedies & Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

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A double chin can make people feel self-conscious and overweight, and can create an unnecessary discomfort in their lives. Also known as submental fat, double chin is becoming more common in recent decades, even to individuals that aren’t necessarily fighting obesity. It occurs when a layer of fat is formed below the chin and can look unsightly.

As a medical issue, double chin is more serious when related to the obesity (body weight and fats level) and in these cases it should be controlled and reduced. Too much chubbiness around the jaws is a clear indication of a fat pile. On the other hand, when a person with moderate weight suffers from the same condition, factors like genetics or loose skin because of aging can also be the cause. Keeping a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy work life balance will in most cases cure or limit the condition.

Double Chin

What Causes A Double Chin?

Before discussing the ways to reduce double chin, it is equally important to first understand the causes why it appears. A double chin can be caused by factors such as: age, diet, weight, genetics and posture. The skin starts losing its elasticity as the body ages, which becomes apparent around the jaw.

A diet high in calories, processed foods and harmful fats leads to obesity, and often double chin, too. Genetics is also a significant factor. A person with a family history of double chin or less skin elasticity has a high probability of getting this condition as well. Last crucial factor is poor posture, which can depress the neck and chin muscles that over time, leads to a double chin. This weakness of muscles causes the loss of elasticity in the surrounding skin around the jaw.

Natural Remedies to Reduce Double Chin

While cosmetic surgery or liposuction can help limit the double chin condition, it is also possible to achieve similar or better results with natural remedies and exercise.

Let’s review briefly some natural remedies:

1. Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil can be used for massaging the area of the neck to tighten the skin below the chin. A 10-15 minutes massage of the bottom of the neck before going to bed at night can be very effective. The oil will work overnight and is then washed off in the morning. With regular application, this remedy can make a major difference in the way your chin and skin look. Together with a change in diet, the double skin look will be completely gone.

2. Egg white

Egg white

Egg white masks can be used as a homemade facial mask that can potentially help you with double chin fat. The mask is made by using:

  • egg whites of two eggs,
  • some quantity of peppermint essential oil,
  • 1 tablespoon of milk,
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

All ingredients are whipped and applied to the skin around the area of the neck and chin. After keeping it dry for around 1 hour, it is washed with lukewarm water. Daily use of this facial mask can be highly beneficial for reducing double chin.

3. Sugar-free gum

The muscles of the face and neck have to be toned to keep your skin tight and prevent double chin. The most effective way is doing exercises using these muscles, the simplest of which may be just chewing gum. Regular use of sugar-free gum is beneficial for reducing double chin looks and it can also be an easy way to take care of your dental health. Continuous use of gum tightens the jawline and face muscles by thorough toning of these areas.

4. Vitamin E

A vitamin E rich diet can be a useful way to lower flappy skin. It enhances the elasticity of the skin and reduces the chubbiness below the neck and chin. Vitamin E is highly present in dairy products, apples, soybeans, brown rice, liver, legumes, sweet corn and leafy vegetables. Thus, for tighter skin and stiffer chin, few vitamin E rich foods must be added in the daily diet.

5. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter has profound moisturizing properties attributed to the vitamin E and keeps your skin hydrated. One to two tablespoons of cocoa butter is heated slightly and massaged gently under the neck and jaws. It can be cleaned off in an hour or left overnight, too. It increases elasticity and reduces the visibility of double chin.

6. Melons


Melons have a high antioxidant potential and keep your skin hydrated.

Half a cup of cut melon is blended in half a cup of water. This is then applied all over the jaw and neck areas with a cotton pad. You can keep it for half an hour and then wash it with warm water. Daily use of melons in the described way can be highly beneficial to reduce the chin fats.

Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

There are multiple exercises which target the muscles of the chin and neck. Doing these exercises on a regular basis could be useful in getting rid of unwanted fats under the chin. Here is a list of such exercises, which can limit and even fully cure (with a change in diet) your double chin.

1) The lion’s yawn

This is one of the most effective exercises and stresses the muscles around the jaw and below the chin. The exercise starts by opening the mouth wide and holding the tongue out as far as possible, like a yawning lion. If done correctly, it will tighten the muscles of the neck, chin and jaw. The tongue must be held out for around 10 seconds before returning to the starting position. Ten repetitions of the Lion’s Yawn every day is advised by experts. For better and quicker results, you can exercise twice a day, with an 8-10 hours gap in between.

2) Jaw jut

There are two types of “Jaw jut”, straight and bottom. In a straight jaw jut, the head is tilted backwards by looking towards the ceiling. Then push your lower jaw forward to feel a stretch below the chin. After a 10 second hold, the relaxed the jaw and return to a neutral position.

Bottom jaw jut starts the same, by tilting the head backwards and looking at the ceiling. From this position, turn your head right and push your bottom jaw forward. After holding for around 10 seconds, release and repeat the process by turning your head to left.

3) Tongue press

This simple exercise is done by pressing the tongue at the top of the mouth and tilting the head back and forth. Total of 3 sets with 5 repetitions is done on a daily basis to get better results in your fight against a double chin.

4) Tongue stretch

Tongue stretch is another simple exercise in which the tongue is stuck out as far as possible while looking straight ahead. Then lift the tongue upwards, trying to touch your nose with it. This position is held for 10 seconds and then released.

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