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How to Motivate Yourself to Stay Active When You Are Stuck Indoors

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Whatever the reason you are stuck indoors, it can be incredibly boring. Motivation goes out of the window and the desire to binge-watch Netflix while eating a large container of ice cream can be too much to take.  However, there are ways to motivate yourself to stay active when you are stuck indoors.

Make A Plan

Exercising tomorrow is always going to be the easy option.  The problem is that tomorrow never comes.  To keep yourself motivated, make a plan and stick to it. Decide which days and times you are going to work out and for how long.  Don’t let yourself deviate from this plan or you could find yourself on a slippery slope.

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Get A Workout Buddy

There are online workout groups that you can join on social media to help keep you motivated while you are working out.  This will help to keep you active, and you will be able to encourage each other to keep going.  Getting a workout buddy has the added advantage that will feel as if you are letting them down if you don’t join the workout, even if it is just a virtual workout.

Use a teleconferencing app such as zoom to arrange a workout with one of your buddies.  They may be stuck indoors as well so they will be happy to have some social time with you.  This is a great way of getting together if you can’t meet up in person and it will keep you both motivated to work out.

Invest in Some Workout Equipment

Let’s face it, the thought of doing dozens of push-ups or running on the spot is not going to give you the motivation to get off the sofa and get active. Investing in some fun workout equipment that you will enjoy using could make all the difference to your willingness to work out. A pitching mound will give you a great workout even when you can’t get out to the ballpark. This is a great piece of equipment because it helps with maintaining proper form while indoors so you can improve your game and impress your friends once you can get back outside.

Background Noise

Most people find it boring to work out in silence, so finding the right background noise is a must if you want to stay active indoors.  Whether you opt for your favorite feelgood music or listen to a podcast or audiobook while you are working out, set the background noise according to your own tastes and this will give you a lot of encouragement.

If you are feeling particularly motivated, you could always decide that you are only going to listen while you are working out and make yourself turn it off when you are not being active.  This will give you added encouragement, especially if you want to get to the end of the audiobook or podcast or you finish your workout at a particularly crucial stage and can’t wait to work out again, so you know what happens next.

If you are listening to music, there is no need to limit yourself to a traditional workout.  Dancing around your living room to your favorite tunes will keep you active and make you feel more energetic too.

It is very hard to stay active when you are stuck indoors so do not feel as if you are alone if your motivation dips at such times.  However, following these simple workout tips will help you to stay on top of your exercise program and feel fit and active indoors.

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