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Why College Recovery Centers Are the Best Option for Young Adults with Addiction

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Even if you or your loved one were not in college when the addiction issues began, college recovery centers and programs are an all-encompassing recovery method that combine rehabilitation with re-entering society as a healthy, functioning citizen.

These centers provide full detox from drugs, therapy for co-existing mental health issues and for changing damaging behaviors and equips patients with the tools and mindset they need to become themselves again. College recovery centers deliver patients straight back into education or employment, giving them something to work towards and showing them that they are capable of achieving their dreams.

Here’s a list of reasons why we believe college recovery programs, like the treatment offered at SOBA College Recovery in New Jersey, is the best pathway towards being drug-free for any young adult wanting to get clean and put their life back on track.

1. All Steps of Recovery in One Place

College rehabilitation programs like SOBA New Jersey offer every facet of recovery that those facing addiction need support with.

Recovery is often made even more difficult by having to visit multiple facilities for different stages of getting clean: e.g. a clinic for detox drugs; a therapy center for counselling; choosing a college with excellent addiction support services; etc.

College recovery centers, however, mean that patients only need to go to one place for all these services. This takes immense strain off the person in recovery, so that they don’t have to deal with conflicting appointments and multiple bills. College recovery centers handle everything in one place.

2. They Follow the 12-Step Program

The 12-step program is the most trusted and famous recovery method in the world, for good reason. The benefits of the program are well-documented and depended upon due to its encouragement of community, endless support from experts and peers, and the belief that you have the strength and power to overcome the illness of addiction.

Inpatient college recovery programs mean that patients are immersed in the 12-step system and are therefore statistically much more likely to follow through with a full recovery and slash their chances of relapse.

3. Provides Goals and Rewards

Perhaps the best part of college recovery schemes is that they give patients goals and something to achieve and work towards. People stuck in the cycle of addiction often feel like they have nothing to look forward to and continue taking drugs because they feel that their life has no other direction.

College recovery centers like SOBA show patients that there absolutely is life after addiction. Getting patients back into education and employment is par for the course of these establishments – that is their main aim, and they truly believe that every person can achieve this after addiction. Once patients have completed phase 1 of addiction treatment, they are assisted and encouraged to create resumes, attend job interviews and explore education enrollment options, all with the supervision of trained on-site personnel. Patients are supported in all areas of their life from day 1 to the day they graduate from the facility; and are shown that they should never lose sight of the life they could lead when drug use is left firmly in the past.

4. It Restores Confidence

Young adults who have suffered alcohol or drug dependency issues may have trouble seeing that they have the power to change the course of their life. For so long their lives have been centered around indulging their addiction, and they could have lost sight of the myriad amazing things that they could do.

College recovery ensures that every patient attends therapy, so they can begin to actualize what they really want to do in life. Nobody wants to be a drug addict – they just think that that’s all they are capable of. Institutions like SOBA show patients that they can enroll back into school and get a foot on the career ladder with their catalog of contacts, so that everyone who passes through the center comes out at the other end with the confidence and skills they need to stay off drugs and start a new life.

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