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A Complete Breakdown Guide on Lip Injections

by Melissa Bell
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In present times, getting lip injections is as easy as purchasing a bar of KitKat or a bag of Lay’s Chips at the convenience store. It even rivals highlighting. Lip filler gives the lips an enhanced beauty that aligns with an individual’s over facial aesthetics.

Nevertheless, there are pronounced risks embedded in this treatment, especially when handled by an inexperienced surgeon. Having even, plump lips enhances one’s facial appearance. But such aspirations can come to a halt by using an incorrect procedure. You must weigh all options before committing to this cosmetic treatment.

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Preparing for A Lip Injection Procedure

There are specific instructions to adhere to when preparing for this cosmetic procedure. First, steer clear of blood thinners. Why is this necessary? They make the individual prone to bleeding and bruising that may arise during lip injection treatment. Hence, doctors advise staying away from such products, at least ten days before a procedure. Additionally, there is a need to stay away from the following items:

  • Fish oil;
  • Pain killers, including ibuprofen and aspirin;
  • Alcohol;
  • Vitamin E.

Such products thin the blood. For those individuals with cold sores, taking prescribed medication two days before lip injection treatment is ideal. Avoid using them less than the period stated to prevent a flare-up.

Are Lip Injections Harmful

It is worth noting that this procedure requires less time to perform. Any lady can get one during lunchtime and be back for work. But even with that, no one should take this treatment option lightly as there are serious risks. A worst-case scenario may include blood vessel blockage (vascular occlusion). Although uncommon, this condition may result in tissue death.

Most importantly, consult only a board-certified specialist. When visiting a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, request for details of previous jobs, including before and after photos. Another subtle clue is to examine the specialist’s staff. Doing this will provide an idea of the level of professionalism purported.

Before the procedure, the doctor will administer a hyaluronic acid product in the target area. This substance comes with lidocaine, which is a numbing medication (a dental nerve block). As such, patients rarely experience pain during the procedure. Another option is to apply a topical anaesthetic, also known as a numbing cream. Some practitioners prefer the latter. The numbing medication interferes with the lip movement and shape, producing a different effect during the procedure. Patients may feel nibbling or throbbing sensations, but no pain.

Post Treatment Outcome

Lip fillers likely dissolve within months after a procedure, depending on the type of filler used. A plastic surgeon may use a hyaluronic acid filler (HA filler) to give the lips a desired shape and form. The professional may also inject hyaluronidase (an eraser enzyme), which causes the filler to dissolve quickly; this can be in a matter of seconds. Also, patients get instant results. However, side effects, like inflammation, may go after a few days.

The result from lip injections may last anywhere between six months and three years, depending on the individual’s expectation during the procedure, their metabolism, and the procedure product used. In some cases, patients may need to get another procedure after six months. It depends on the individual. Most people wish to find a long-lasting treatment option. But here is the thing; several factors contribute to the duration of this procedure’s effects. There is little anyone can do present to retain the fullness of the lips for longer periods.

Specific steps may help to prolong the effects. For example, patients are to avoid the gym or areas that tend to put a strain on their faces. They have to stick to this instruction for at least 24 hours. Additionally, they have to steer clear of activities that promote blood flow in the face. No headstands, facials, or massages. These activities only increase inflammation.

Going Natural with the Treatment

It is not uncommon to find people seeking natural options. However, this factor hovers around the right amount and placement of fillers. Before commencing with the procedure, a plastic surgeon will examine both lips, factoring in their shapes and symmetries. With this, the professional can place the filler precisely in the right area. For full lip options, there is a need to use a step-by-step approach, applying the filler in bits over time. This process helps to achieve a natural look. That being stated, a session may not be enough to get such a result. Patients may have to come back several times, with each interval giving the lips ample time to adjust.

One thing to avoid with this procedure strategy is going overboard. Having plump lips is beautiful, but taking on a ducky disposition can be nightmarish. For this reason, patients need physicians that will keep them in check during these procedures.

Understanding the Cost of Lip Injections

It is worth mentioning that lip injections are not cheap. These procedures may set an individual back between $550 to $2,000. And that is not all. Patients may have to top off the filler every six to nine months. What makes the price gap significant? Costs depend on the type of filler used, its amount, location, and the professionalism involved in the procedure. A board-certified dermatologist will charge more than an inexperienced practitioner. But the results are glaring and life-changing as well. Avoid going for cheap cosmetic treatments as the quality of service may be subpar and harmful. Additionally, they may pose high risks of distortion and infection.

Home Treatment Option

Not everyone has $2,000 to spend on lip injections. There is an alternative to the needle. Individuals who intend to try this out need to get lip plumper. And not just anyone – one that contains mint and hyaluronic acid. With that, it is easy to plump the lips. But as a disclaimer, this procedure does not provide the same results as the professional lip filler treatment. Notwithstanding, there are fewer risks attached to it.

Bottom Line

Not everyone has perfect lips. As such, some individuals may resort to finding solutions that give them an ideal facial appearance. Lip injections are a go-to option in this regard. They provide firmness and fullness that will leave the lips looking radiant and healthy. With the help of a certified doctor, it becomes easy to get the desired aesthetics.

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