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8 Tips For Shopping CBD Products Online

by Melissa Bell
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How many people consume marijuana? Statistics indicate nearly one-fifth of Americans consumed cannabis in 2019. However, recent estimates by Gallup show that 49% of adults in this country used a weed-related product last year. Marijuana contains two major chemicals called THC and CBD- the latter stimulates the “high” for which weed’s smoked widely worldwide. But CBD isn’t a psychoactive ingredient since it has certain medicinal properties that alleviate diseased patients’ trauma. CBD comes in various shapes, e.g., oils, vapes, patches, extracts, and capsules, among many others. Many people try to purchase these products online for medical reasons. Let’s discuss shopping CBD products digitally.

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How to purchase CBD online digitally?

Buying CBD products online enables people to easily obtain the required chemicals for medical reasons. However, there are some downsides to these transactions, such as you cannot physically evaluate these products before purchasing them. Also, searching for CBD products online will result in several websites popping up on your screen. Since the CBD market’s expected to cross a massive $20 billion by 2024, customers are always vulnerable to fabricated or poor-quality products. So, you should remain cautious while buying these things online. We’re writing down these suggestions to help consumers conduct their business with reliable sellers. In short, read the following tips for buying CBD products on the internet.

1. Always research the brand

Always commence your investigation by researching the brand being promoted. Ensure you are dealing with trustworthy brands that also have a good reputation. Conduct business with nearby brands and read some testimonials about them. For example, If you live in North Carolina, search for “CBD Charlotte NC” on Google to identify authentic sellers within the neighborhood and avoid paying too much in shipping. You can browse edibles, captures, topicals, and even skin-applied creams. Do the same for any other city/state you live in.

2. Have realistic expectations

Don’t assume CBD contains some sort of one-size-fits-all miraculous treatment for all ailments. Not every marijuana-extracted product can cure every patient; these merchandises affect different people differently. For instance, e-liquids are for vaping, but one can’t use them sublingually (placing some drops under your tongue). Certain CBD-based products are designed for applying to your skin directly (such as patches), while tablets are for eating. So, decide how you prefer consuming CBD.

3. Review the return policy

What if you aren’t satisfied with the product and wish to give it back? Check the e-commerce website’s return policy whenever you’re buying stuff online. Lacking a clear-cut return policy often means the website may sell you shady stuff and won’t accept the product back.

4. Look for the CBD content

How much CBD do you need to consume medically? Check the amount of CBD in every dosage when buying these products online. Determine the concentration you’ll insert into your body. Thus, review the products before buying anything from a seller online. Consumers can easily control how much CBD they’re intaking by consuming capsules. But weed-based liquids make it a bit harder to regulate your marijuana consumption. Stay mindful of what you’re consuming and how much.

5. Look for the THC content

Again, we’re reminding you CBD products don’t have psychoactive characteristics, so you won’t get “high” after consuming them. However, they contain minuscule amounts of THC, about which a consumer must stay cautious. Manufacturers aren’t allowed to include more than 0.3% of THC in these products. Also, stay careful about which states allow which CBD products. Even though CBD’s legal in all states, their laws differ regarding how much THC should be allowed in products.

6. Check the ingredients listed

Consumers must review the inventory of ingredients labeled on these bottles. Some products claim to be all-natural but still contain synthetic elements. Also, some CBD products contain names people can’t even pronounce. Search for these ingredients and consider their potential side effects too.

7. Look at customer reviews

Consumers shouldn’t neglect the importance of checking customer reviews to ensure they’re buying from verified sources. Today, several websites are dedicated to displaying such testimonials. So, you may check out Leafly for customer reviews. Also, don’t forget about individual product reviews since they matter as much as the website promoting them. These reviews help consumers decide which websites sell genuine products; they may steer clear of shady sellers on the internet.

8. Ensure the site’s security

Buying stuff online requires you to enter your private information on e-commerce websites. So, ensure these websites have a secure connection to prevent hackers from stealing your data online. Most e-commerce websites are SSL-encrypted which gives them the HTTPS at the beginning of the URL/ This is different from just HTTP. Also, even if the site’s secure, you should ascertain that the website won’t sell your information to any third party for advertisements. Don’t compromise your privacy.


We’ve established that CBD products have become mainstream because they don’t have the “high” that has become a signature reaction to marijuana. However, their medicinal properties help patients endure their ailments. You can also purchase these products online. But how to be sure you’re purchasing the right stuff? In 2019, a Gallup survey found that 1 in 7 Americans have used CBD products. You can guess how fraudsters have used CBD’s popularity to scam people. Thus, learn to find genuine products today.

Always check how much THC and CBD contents are there in these products. Moreover, you should check the ingredients listed on the product to ensure what you’ll be intaking in the future. Always research the brand before buying something produced by it and check customer reviews about the product. It can help you make sure you can trust the website. Also, make sure that the website’s secure and you’re entering your information into a reliable channel. That’s how you successfully buy CBD products online.

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