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5 ways that online billing can help your dental practice

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Being a dentist is sure as lucrative of a career as they come. As rewarding as it is, running your own backyard clinic is by no means a 9 to 5 job, given the amount of work and intricacy that’s needed to make it a success.

Aside from providing a first-class experience to all your patients, you must also be able to recognize the many challenges of the profession and the complex nature of work that goes on in your back office while looking for ways to reduce it.

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From delivering the right treatment to managing all your patients’ data, there’s a lot you have to focus on a day-to-day basis. And while the former can only be accomplished manually, the latter is something you can easily achieve by switching to a rather convenient mode of payment such as an online billing system.

There are plenty of benefits of using an online payment system over manual processes such as:

  • Generating fresh invoices
  • Automating recurring bills
  • Setting-up appointments
  • Sending out reminders
  • Processing insurance claims and renewals
  • Recovering dues and payments

And these are to name just a few, as a convenient payment option is what most patients look for when it comes to their dental health care. In fact, it’s one of the top three emerging trends along with customer experience and automation, both of which can be improved by implementing a digital payment system. All the more reasons to go for it.

Plus, dental payments software can help you save ample time and resources which you can use to welcome more patients your way without having to jeopardize the quality of your dental care.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the ways online billing can enhance your entire dental practice:

1. Financial Security

The biggest advantage of using an online payment portal is the added security that it comes with. As a requisite to online transactions, digital platforms naturally tend to be more protective of a patient’s financial details and other sensitive information.

At the same time, it gives you more control over any mishaps such as a failed, missing, or delayed payment, or any other delinquencies that need to be settled. All the while maintaining a separate and accurate account of each of your patient’s payment records.

2. Instant and affordable payments

Online billing can fast-forward the entire payment process by allowing your patients to pay instantly via a number of methods. This includes mobile wallets, IVR, online banking, QR code scans, and text to pay, as well as traditional payment options such as cash, cheques, and credit/ debit card deposits.

What’s more, is that it can be used to offer different types of payment plans to patients who cannot afford to meet the costs in one go. By offering plans such as part-payments, installment-based options, discounts, and other special offers, you can make dental care accessible to those with a low income or lack of cash.

3. Automation and personalization

One of the more recent developments in the tech world is the process of automation. The goal of this is to streamline and expedite many of the delicate processes and time-consuming affairs that could keep you up all night should you carry them out manually.

And not just the lengthy ones, but also the basic functions such as automated billing, invoicing, reminders, recovery, insurance claims, plan renewals, and so on.

Yet, automated responses may sound a bit robotic if you don’t integrate personalization. The point is to give your interactions a rather personal touch by considering the likes, preferences, interests, and requirements of each of your clients.

There are many ways to do that, for example, sending emails using a patient’s first name, creating adaptive content, using target-based ads, and tailoring services to suit different groups of patients.

4. Informative billing statements

One of the major drawbacks of a conventional billing statement is the lack of information or particulars mentioned in it. By using an automated payment system, you can provide more clarity and transparency into what your patients are being charged for so as to encourage them to pay on time.

You can also enhance the appearance of the invoice and billing statements by using design elements to make them look more acceptable. Plus add a variety of ways to let them pay directly from the invoice itself instead of prompting them to visit your app or software.

But that’s not it! A well-designed billing statement could also give better insights into the financial strategies of your dental practice which you could modify when needed.

5. One-stop shop for all your patients

Dental payment software is more than just a way of regulating payments. When done right, it can be used with other smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice control, augmented and virtual reality, and automated chatbots to give your patients a better overall experience. All the while ensuring utmost privacy to your patients and strict adherence to health care laws.

As you can see, the scope of online billing is not just limited to payment management but touches all the aspects of the dental health discipline, even virtual care in minor cases.

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