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5 Things You’ll Learn When You Start the DNA Diet Plan

by Melissa Bell
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Summer is coming, and more and more people are eager to start a diet plan that will help them reach their weight loss goals. If you are looking for a new diet plan, it can seem like the market is very saturated with options, making it hard to differentiate your options and ultimately choose the right plan.

However, losing weight and finding an effective diet plan doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Because we are all unique and lose weight effectively in different ways because of our DNA makeup, our diet plans should be unique, too.

This is why a diet can work for your friend, but not for you; why your neighbor lost 5 pounds, while you gained one on the same diet. The DNA Diet Plan, a personalized and scientifically-driven diet plan designed based on your DNA is the solution to finding the diet plan that is right for your body.


DNA Diet: Where Science and Weight Loss Meet

Your ability to lose weight, risks for obesity and even food habits – are all affected by your genes. Starting a new diet sometimes means changing your lifestyle in a profound way. This can be difficult by itself and selecting the wrong diet for your body and seeing no weight loss results can be even more frustrating.

So, if you are wondering “Why am I not losing weight?” the answer may be because you need a personalized diet plan, one that will take your unique DNA profile into consideration.

To understand just how significant the role of your DNA in weight loss is, consider the following. Your DNA influences:

  • Food preferences;
  • Food cravings;
  • Your habits;
  • How your body processes nutrients;
  • Your risk of some health conditions;
  • Your weight and body fat percentage.

However, your DNA is not a closed system – diet, stress and exercise all affect how your DNA works, whether that is in a positive or negative way. Practicing healthy habits in all facets of your life on top of following a recommended diet through DNA Diet Plan, can help you live a healthy life and reduce your overall health risks long-term.

The DNA Diet Plan

Exciting research in DNA testing and weight loss has allowed the DNA Diet Plan to expand the opportunities individuals have to lose weight on a plan that is easy to incorporate into a routine with support and resources at every step.

5 Things You’ll Learn When You Start the DNA Diet Plan

1. The Best Ways to Lose Weight for Your Body

Once you submit your DNA test results, the DNA Diet Plan will provide you with insights and diet recommendations to help you lose weight. The insights will shed light on your chances of food sensitivities, genetic risks and other factors that could influence your diet choices.

2. Your Genetic Risks of Obesity

Certain genes are linked to high risks of obesity, including the FTO gene – the “fat mass and obesity-associated” gene, and the MC4R appetite-regulating gene. The DNA Diet Plan tests will evaluate your genetic risks of obesity, helping you take steps to reduce future health risks.

3. Food Preferences & Cravings

Our DNA also has an effect on the foods we enjoy and dislike, for example, liking or disliking salty or sweet foods. Our ability to lose weight is affected by the foods we enjoy and dislike, and the DNA Diet Plan takes these preferences into consideration in the delicious weekly meal plans they provide.

4. Your Ideal Weight Goals

Using the weight profile, DNA Diet can tell you what your ideal weight goal should be. You will learn about your body mass index, which is another guiding factor of your diet plan.

5. Dieting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

On top of your weekly recipes, DNA Diet Plan provides at-home exercise plans and tips to make it easy to fit in a workout even on a busy schedule. The weight tracking app helps users stay on track with their weight loss goals with regular reminders. Additionally, access to the Mayo Clinic Wellness Library gives users access to various health and wellness resources to guide further positive lifestyle changes. If you need encouragement or advice along the way, the Support Group on Facebook is a great place for asking questions and getting support from others on the same weight loss journey. Dieting doesn’t need to be hard, and the DNA Diet Plan makes it easy and fun.

If you have a history of dieting without success, the DNA Diet Plan is the plan you are looking for. Weight loss shouldn’t be guesswork, but a systematic process with clearly established goals and the means to achieve them.

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