30 Gifs of Plank Exercises – A Killer Core Burner and Body Sculptor

by Melissa Bell
2 minutes read

11. Plank Rows (Renegade Rows)

  • Get in a push-up plank with dumbbells;
  • Keep the core tight as you row the weight up to the outside of your chest, elbow being pulled straight up.

12. Plank Lateral Jumps

  • Start on elbows or top of a push-up, whichever suits you;
  • Squeeze your legs together and jump feet from side to side;
  • If you have a stepper, you can use it to jump over.

13. Plank Thrusters

  • Push-up start position;
  • Keep your shoulders in line above hands;
  • Jump your feet forward between your hands and back out to a tight plank.

14. One-Leg Plank

  • Starting from the classic plank, lift one leg off the ground;
  • Hold for a count and lower to repeat on the other side.

15. One-Arm Plank


  • From the classic plank, lift one arm off the ground;
  • Have it extended alongside of the body;
  • Repeat for the other arm.

16. Bird Dog Plank

  • A combination of both #15 and #16;
  • Keep the hips square and have your eyes fixed on something for balance.

17.  Wall Plank


  • Place the hands on the ground, and slowly walk your feet up a wall;
  • Stop once your body is completely straight from shoulders to walls.

18. Plank Hip Twisters

  • Start in the classic position and rotate your hips;
  • Tap a hip on the ground along your center line;
  • Return to plank start and repeat other side.

19. Stability Ball Plank

  • Place your elbows on a stability ball and make sure they are directly under your shoulders;
  • Push through your shoulders to maintain proper former.

20. Plank Leg Raises

  • A variation of the 1-legged plank;
  • Start in the classic plank and keep your leg straight and foot flexed as you lift it off the ground;
  • Lower it to tap your toe and quickly pull it back up;
  • Complete all reps on one side before switching to the next.

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