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10 Ways to Build Muscle and Burn Fat Faster

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

So, you’re hitting the gym pretty regularly, eating your greens and taking supplements, but you are still struggling and the results are taking too long to surface?  It makes you wonder, “What more does my body want from me?”

Well, building muscle, burning fat and trying to gain a lean muscular frame can be really hard even when you think you are doing and eating everything right.

Listed below are 10 ways you can build muscle and burn fat quickly:

Eat, eat, And EAT!

Your body needs fuel, always. You may already know that if you are having rigorous workout sessions –your body is burning the calories that you have consumed. But skipping meals is not the answer. Instead of eating like a bird, take note of what type of food you are eating. Unused carbs are used to store fat, so maybe adopt a low carb diet.

Don’t just stick to Cardio during workouts:

If you perform intense cardio, such as running on the treadmill or making use of the stationary cycle you will not build muscle. Cardio will burn calories but will not help with the metabolic rate of your body the way muscle workouts will. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn. Add weights and body lifting exercises into your workout regime.

Lift appropriate weights:

There is a general rule of thumb – if you can do reps easily with your current weights, it is time to up the intensity of the workout and use more/heavier weights. That said don’t overdo your weight training because you may end up injuring yourself. Fitness experts suggest that instead of focusing on a single joint exercise, like bicep curls, you should focus on body weight exercises like deadlifts and squats which make use of more than one muscle and joints as well.

Longer workouts are not always better:

The main component that goes into building muscle and attaining a lean body is intensity. Higher intensity workouts engage more muscle activity and increase metabolism. To know more about burning fat by making use of supplements visit https://lovemelanotan.org

Perform your workouts in the right order:

Sometimes you may put in a lot of cardio and as a result get really tired by the time you get to weight training. That will be a setback to your goal towards having a lean body. So it’s better to warm up, do weight training and end your workout with some cardio.

Get out of your comfort zone:

Eventually, you are going to fall into a routine which will be so boring and ultimately demotivate you. So, change up your routine, increase the intensity, join a new class or just run an extra mile. This will help change your body stimuli and also get you out of your workout rut.

Make sure you eat before working out:

Having something to eat before you hit the gym is extremely important. At least an hour before, eat carbs and proteins that will help fuel your performance at the gym and make your workout session all the more satisfying.

Have protein-rich foods after your workout:

It is highly recommended to eat a protein-based meal within 30 minutes after a workout. This will help heal the sore muscles. If you feel tired and sore, it is probably because of the lack of protein in your body.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is a major component in any fitness routine – it helps regulate hormone levels and manage your appetite as well as your stress levels. Listen to what your body has to say, skipping your workout for a much needed R&R is helpful in the long run.

You’re eating way more calories than you have burned:

Not eating anything is harmful to your body, but overeating after your workout basically means the burning your calories goal of the workout is moot. It is suggested that even if you don’t want a full meal after a workout, at least have a snack so that you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks later.


Make sure that whatever goals and expectations you have set are realistic. Results take time, but as long as you are committed to your fitness plan (by taking the appropriate supplements, eating the right amount and type of food, and having the right workout schedule) you are sure to build a lean and muscular body.

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