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Weight Loss Supplements. But I Thought Dieting Was Enough?

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For some people, a combination of diet and exercise is enough.  For those few lucky people, sometimes one or the other is just fine.  But what about those people who diet, exercise, and still do not see the results they want?  What are their options?  Surely there is something about there that helps them.  That is what weight loss supplements are for.  They are not there to do all of the work, but they are there to aid you in the work that you are already putting in.  From people who have undergone surgeries to help them lose weight, to people who want to find a dietary supplement that works and helps them suppress their appetite to help with controlling their cravings, there is something on the market for everyone who finds out that diet and exercise are just not enough.

Your Checklist

First, let’s make sure you have gone through all of the reasons why the diet and exercise might not be enough.  One of the main issues is that people who exercise feel they can then eat those calories back.  That is not the case.  If you are allowing yourself 1500 calories a day, that is it.  No matter what exercise you do, that doesn’t “free up” calories for you to ingest.  Usually, when people who ingest 2800 calories a day cut down their ingestion of food to 1500, for a while that is enough.  But once your body stalemates out at that caloric intake, you might be inspired to provide exercise.  That exercise replaces the drop in caloric intake that you took to begin with.  Make sure you are not eating your calories back!

What You Eat

Look at what you are eating.  Some people subscribe to the idea that 1500 calories is 1500 calories, whether you eat 1500 calories of vegetables throughout the day or 1500 calories of cookies.  They believe as long as you don’t go over that 1500 calorie intake, you are fine.  And while that might work with some people, it doesn’t work for everyone.  Some people do not respond well to carbs being in their diet, so a lower carb diet is their only option.  Some people hit snags with the amount of fat they take in, so you have to lower that count during the day.  For some people, not all calorie is the same when it comes to how your body processes things and at what rate your metabolism works, so reassess what you are eating throughout the day.  Keep a food tracker or a food journal, and see where you can make some changes if it is necessary.

Do You Sit?

Do you sit a lot throughout your day?  Your body naturally begins secreting lipase, which is an inhibiting enzyme that is activated when your body senses that you are no longer moving.  It is an evolutionary hangover from a very long time ago when people would get sick and become lethargic, and their body would go into a “protective mode” and attempt to preserve whatever energy it could.  If you have a job that requires sitting for the bulk of it, stand up and take a walk up and down the hallway, or have a nice stretch.  This will keep that enzyme from secreting throughout the day, and keep your metabolism boosted by at least 15%!  If you are a fidgeter, do not worry about this.  You got that movement down, and that is sometimes all it takes to signal to your body that you are fine.

Getting Enough Sleep?

Do you sleep enough?  I cannot stress to you how important it is that you get an ample amount of sleep.  When you are over-tired, massive amounts of adrenaline and cortisol are injected into your body in an attempt to keep you alert and on your toes for danger around every corner.  Yes, it is another evolutionary hangover, and because of the chemical composition that is whizzing throughout your body, you begin to go into a carb-craving survival sort of mode in order to compensate for the way your body is revving.  Here is a trick to figure out how much natural sleep your body needs: go to bed 8 and a half hours before your alarm is set to go off.  If you get up before your alarm, you can get by with that amount of sleep, or even a little bit less.  But, if you go to sleep 8 and a half hours before you need to get up, and your alarm wakes you up and you are still tired, you need to reassess things: do you need more time to wind down to get to sleep?  Are you trying to do too much in your day?  Is there stress at work that needs to be released?  Are you trying to tackle too much with your weight loss and exercising?  All of these things need to be re-evaluated in order to figure out how to get the most out of your sleep.

Exercising How You Should?

One last thing to assess is exactly how you are exercising: many exercises give you a bigger bang for your buck.  Weight lifting has been proven to burn 30% more calories than just cardio alone, so if that 45 minute bike-ride is no longer cutting it, try trading the bike for a squat rack, or possibly a controlled weight machine.  Sometimes just re-evaluating your exercise and what you are doing for it can help kickstart your body back into its weight-loss mode.  Make sure you keep an eye on your form, you do not want to hurt yourself in the process of attempting something different.

If Yes, It Might Be Right For You

However, if you take a look at these things and you are still stalemated in your weight, then this means that a weight loss supplement, like Phen375, might be for you.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  Just because that person beside you in the gym can eat an entire large pizza for dinner, pump it out in the gym for two hours, and wear a bikini at the beach does not mean that you can, but that also does not mean that there is something wrong with you.  Each body needs different things in order to work at its peak, and part of entering a healthier lifestyle is figuring out what combination of things is going to work best for you.  So do not get discouraged, and do not stop your journey prematurely.  This is an entire lifestyle change, and it will take trial-and-error before you find your groove and what works for you with the goals you have in mind.  And always remember: you can do this.  Yes, you can.

Author bio: Myself Shalini, certified Dietition and Nutritionist from Chennai, India. Working as a Freelance Lifestyle Nutrition Advisor since 2014 and promoting Phen375 product by displaying reviews from real customers.. As a nutritionist, I have vast experience in handling cases such as obesity, hypo-thyroid, diabetes, hyper-tension, anaemia for women and children. I offer free customized diet plans based on the person’s life-style issues. You can message me if you are having any questions on Diet and supplements.You can follow me here-https://plus.google.com/u/0/102929092420871280707

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