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Should You Be Reviewing Pre-Workout Supplements?

by Melissa Bell
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In this day and age, discipline is highly valued. When you look at videos about self-improvement, the top one personality trait discussed is always discipline. Without this quality, your results will suffer.

No one can expect great things from someone who lays around in bed all day watching Netflix and expects a fortune to fall on their lap. Success comes to those who work hard for it. Depending on the person, success could have a different meaning. For some people, that means making a lot of money. For others, that means a lot of free time with their family.

However, most people would agree that success can be measured with the quality of life you live. The best indicator of your quality of life is your body. You can’t have a happy life if you don’t have a happy body. Now, how do you get that kind of a body?

Well, that’s simple: a happy body is a healthy body. If you eat right and you work out every day, you probably feel quite positive on a daily basis. That’s because we were made to explore the world with our arms and legs. The more we use them, the better they look. Having a chiseled physique isn’t easy. You can’t get a six-pack in a day or two.

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Instead, you need to grind hard in the gym, lift weights, run, swim and do high-intensity interval trainings. Looking fit sends a subliminal message to everyone in the room that you’ve worked hard to get to the level you’re at. It commands respect and strengthens your authority.

How can you work out if you don’t feel motivated?

Imagine if a professional athlete worked out only when they felt good and ready. They would lose their career and their position as an athlete almost immediately. No one can escape from the days where you don’t feel like doing anything. But that’s where discipline comes in.

If you have a workout scheduled for the day, you don’t go home and eat a can of ice cream. You show up and lift. Sometimes the urge is too strong, and you wonder whether there’s something that might help. Luckily, there is, and it’s called pre-workouts.

These supplements contain a lot of ingredients that force your body to get moving. One of the main components is caffeine. You probably take caffeine on a daily basis in the form of coffee. It serves to give you a boost of energy, and that gets you fired up to start moving. It would be best if you were careful though, because most pre-workouts have the same dose as two cups of coffee.

Be careful not to cross your limit because that could induce nausea and some digestive problems, as well as anxiety and sleep issues. Apart from caffeine, there’s also creatine monohydrate. Most gainers have this component too. It’s excellent for building mass and speeding up your gains. You could take this supplement either before, after, or during a workout.

The effects are the same. However, it’s already included in the pre-workouts, so you get to kill two birds with one stone. When taken individually, this component buffs you up. Bodybuilders usually take 20 grams a day for an entire week, and then the rest of the month, they decrease the dosage to 5 grams a day.

That’s how you get the most out of creatine. For regular gym-goers, keeping a steady ratio of 5 grams a day is perfectly enough. This ingredient speeds up your recovery time. You won’t be feeling sore after a hard session, and you can go hard again the following day.

Finally, there are nitric oxide enhancers. These ingredients dilate your blood vessels and get your body moving before you pick up a single weight. Combine the creatine, caffeine, and nitric oxide, and you get a perfect formula that will keep you motivated no matter what.

If you are a user, should you be reviewing these supplements?

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In the online world, everything exists on a review basis. You trust Amazon because of the rating system. Customers share their thoughts and give a rating on a specific product. This makes you either more or less likely to buy that product.

If you’ve gone through many supplements and there’s one brand that stands out, it costs you very little to give a recommendation to other people for it on the Genius pre-workout reviews site. Other people will definitely benefit from your thoughts and feedback.

If the supplement’s not as good as a company markets it, you can help other people. They won’t fall for the same thing you have. That’s how a community functions. Everyone shares their thoughts only in the hopes of getting better.

Becoming the strongest version of yourself doesn’t only mean lifting 315 pounds on the bench press. It also means helping the people who are in need of it. We all know that the fitness world is full of people who preach what they don’t do in the hopes of getting someone to click an affiliate link.

It happens on blogs, videos, and podcasts. Being true is something that everyone respects and your words might help someone to make the best choice. Hearing positive feedback is something that makes everyone feel good.

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