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How Does Wrist Brace Help with Tendonitis Pain?

by Melissa Bell
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Unfortunately, it’s not just the overly motivated tennis and hockey players that get affected by tendonitis. Most of us are unaware that it can be triggered even by an excessive use of the mouse in your office or sleeping in a bad position that twists your hand in an unnatural way.

Tendonitis is described as a sharpening pain that sometimes feels as if your wrist is about to fall apart from your arm, and in other cases, as a minor but constant pain when your wrist gets in the wrong position. Before we dig deeper into ways to put yourself out of this misery, we will need to learn a little more about this condition.

Tendinitis is simply an inflammation of the tendon – the fibrous structure that joins the muscle with the bone, causing a pain of high intensity in the wrist. The patient should be treated as soon as possible so that it does not trigger a chronic reaction.

A surgery can be performed on the most severe cases, but in most cases the pain goes away by itself in a matter of weeks or months. What you can do for self-care is above all to stop the activity that caused the pain in the first place and apply a few simple things in daily routine.


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Applying an ice pack to the swollen area can feel terrific in the short term. However, there are cases when it won’t be helpful, and when you will need to find a more long term solution.

Tendonitis wristbands are a specific model of wrist braces explicitly designed for curing this condition. In the following lines, we want to talk about the benefits that these wristbands do for us.

You will be amazed at how these orthopedic helpers make the pain disappear in a few weeks without any problem.

Can a Wristband Reduce the Symptoms of Wrist Tendonitis?

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In order to find out what can be your choice as the best wrist brace for Tendonitis, it’s essential to understand what led you to this condition in the first place. Since the inflammation can only occur if there is an excessive and constant movement, there should be little problem in finding the cause.

There may be several reasons why an individual is prone to wrist abuse, such as tennis players or workers who are involved in regular heavy lifting and hard labor that quickly leads to this condition. It’s also not uncommon today to see office workers wearing wrist bands as their hands suffer greatly from monotonous and excessive use of the wrists.

They are proven to be of few treatment options that you can go for, and the level of severity will determinate how rigid the brace will be. Many amazing models are available, and more or less, they will all do their purpose; however, you should look for the ones that are particularly specialized for tendonitis.

A quick note before we get to their benefits is that this painful condition is often misunderstood as carpal tunnel syndrome. Despite sharing the same characteristics, they are two different ailments that are cured in most cases in different ways.

Wristband Benefits

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The benefits are many. While not wearing a wrist brace, the muscles that are present in the front and back of the forearm move toward the tendons. These tendons intersect the joints which are attached to the wrist bones.

This mechanism works collectively to move the wrist at different angles. Its purpose is also to support the wrist when the fingers are in motion, such as when writing but also when holding onto things.

When there is constant and automatic tension in these muscles, the tendons are also affected as they have to move in and out of their sheaths frequently, which makes them irritated and inflamed.

The inflammation gets worse as the muscles tense due to the excessive use that causes pain and reduces the range of movement of the wrist or, in other words, creates wrist tendonitis.

There are several pros and cons of wearing a wristband if you have reached this point, but it depends on each case, and if the wrist tendonitis is severe or not. The critical point to keep in mind here is that wrist bands do not cure tendinitis.

They can relieve you of symptoms, but in the end, you will have to seek treatment with a health care provider. The wristbands are designed to keep the movement of the wrists under control so as not to worsen the inflammation.

They are also the best solution to prevent the symptoms of many types of wrist injuries from getting worse.

In Conclusion

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Curing tendonitis doesn’t have to be any more painful than it already is. Wrist bands are not a definitive solution to this condition but they undoubtedly help to relieve you of sharpening pain and protect from further inflammation.

Now that you understood what this condition really is and how it occurs, maybe you can more easily find the ideal model for your needs. They will prove to be a great way to relieve you of immediate pain, but you need to seek professional advice to be aware of the full gravity of the situation.

We hope that our choice of wrist band models helped you find the right helper and that you will very soon help you forget that this pain ever happened.

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