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How Cervical Smear Tests Help You Monitor Your Health

by Melissa Bell
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Keeping your mental and physical health in check is of primary concern for most around the world. Most individuals are working hand in hand with their trusted physicians to have regular checkups and monitor their overall health and wellness. It may sound costly for some people because of consultation fees and medications, but prevention is many times cheaper than curing a serious disease.

Having general checkups can help people be more aware of their health status and whether they will need medication or not. Some diseases can be treated as soon as laboratory tests results are made by licensed medical technologists and lab workers.

In line with this, a cervical screening or smear test checks the health of the cervix of a woman. This may be common to those who already have a child and wants to have a regular check-up with their doctor. Some people claim that once they already had a baby, they need to have a regular smear test in order to monitor their wellbeing.

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In general, the cervix is the tissue that connects the vagina to the uterus and is at the lowest portion of the uterus. It is also helpful for both males and females to know more about this information because they can help people who do not know about it and tell them some necessary details that they may need to hear as time goes by.

A cervical smear test is a procedure that is usually done to test cervical cancer in women and involves the collection of cells from the cervix. The cells are then examined for signs of changes and can detect cervical dysplasia or cancer. It is a test created to monitor the health and current anatomical situation of a woman’s cervix.

If you are experiencing some discomfort or just want to have the test for the sake of knowing the health state of your cervix, having a smear test with your clinic can help you get the job done. It will also be a good preventive measure for women, especially those that are already around the age of 30 to 50, to have this test.

What Do You Need To Know About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one the most common type of cancer in women, it is the fourth most common. In 2018 alone more than five hundred thousand women were diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide while more than three hundred thousand died from it. This is one of the most painful situations that a woman can be in.

Despite being common, it is thankfully one of the most treatable forms of cancer as long as it is detected early and treated effectively. Like other cancers, when it is diagnosed during the later stages the chances of treating the disease go down and are then only focused on palliative care.

A lot of people can also make a testimony regarding the importance of having regular check-ups and consultations with their physicians. It will provide them the peace of mind that they need during difficult and uncertain moments in their lives.

Additionally, palliative care is a type of care focused on providing relief from the painful symptoms of a disease. It is a term that is not common for some people, hence, it is beneficial to visit the aforementioned website and be more knowledgeable about this topic.

Furthermore, many experts and health organizations are convinced that with proper screening with early detection and treatment cervical cancer will no longer pose a health threat within a generation.

Importance of Cervical Smear Tests

The cervical smear test or pap smear is regarded as the most important advancement in the fight against cancer. Most women in the United States are well aware of this method because hospitals and clinics also suggest having it if they are feeling some discomfort in their cervical area.

As stated the test checks for samples of cells from the cervix and check for changes including searching for types of the human papillomavirus or HPV. It is one of the most extensive tests that a person can undergo today.

With the help of science and technology, the lives of many women were saved due to the early detection of cancer cells in the body. The treatments now in this particular health condition are given in almost every hospital in the country. There is also some academic and scientific research that will benefit doctors to treat the ailment in the best way that is possible.

The key to achieving the goal of lowering the threat of cancer and health threats to women is the early detection and even the prevention of cervical cancer and cervical smear tests are important in this regard.

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Human Papillomavirus, despite causing an illness such as cervical cancer, is a very common group of viruses and is often transmitted from sexual intercourse, although penetrative sex is not required for the virus to be transmitted. This particular virus may be seen in women after having an intimate moment with their partners.

Some types of HPV are regarded as high risk and can cause cervical cancer, it will cause changes in the cells of the cervix and this is what cervical smear tests detect. This is still true even if you have had HPY vaccine as the vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV including high-risk HPVs.

If cervical cancer is detected early with the cervical smear test, it gives the patients a significantly higher chance of being cured, or even if cervical cancer is not detected, it can help detect changes in the cervix that hint at the development of cancer in the future. It is how science help people in saving their life and live longer with their family and loved ones.

Detecting these changes can help stop the possible development of cervical cancer. As with any illness preventing it is much better than having a cure, there are fewer expenses involved, physical and emotional trauma and less time is consumed. Being keen on having a healthy body can help people prevent more damage caused by sickness and other health conditions in their bodies.

Possible Risks of Cervical Smear Tests

Given the invaluable benefits of detecting illnesses early through cervical smear tests, there are very few and rare risks involved in the procedure.  It only takes a few minutes and you can go on with the day without any restrictions. It is also helpful if women are well aware of the possible risks that they may experience once they undergo the said test.

One of the risks that a woman may experience is some slight bleeding or spotting right after any cervical smear test. There is nothing to be worried about if it is not coupled with anything that might be perceived as abnormal. And this should go away within just a few hours. The doctors will also give some relevant details about the side effects of the test before it is made.

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Another potential risk of cervical smear tests is an infection but this is rare since these kinds of tests are performed by doctors who are trained to work only in sanitized conditions. There is also the risk that the results are a false negative because an inadequate amount of cells are collected or there is inflammation in the cervix that obscures the abnormal cells.

However, it is highly advised that women undergo this test every three years. This is because it is known to take years to develop and it is unlikely that two separate cervical smear tests will yield a false negative.

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