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How Can PEMF Therapy Help Improve Blood Circulation?

by Melissa Bell
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Blood is the primary carrier of nutrients and oxygen in our body. It supplies these essentials to our cells to ensure that our body keeps functioning smoothly. Hence optimal blood circulation is crucial for maintaining ideal health and wellness.

One of the ways to enhance poor blood circulation is PEMF therapy, which uses mild frequency electromagnetic waves to enhance blood circulation in your body with the help of its heated pillow. Keep reading to learn all the details related to this highly effective therapy.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation

One of the most common signs of poor circulation is excessive exhaustion and fatigue due to the inappropriate supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells. Furthermore, you would also notice increased hair fall, dry skin, and shortness of breath.

Regular headaches and temperature sensitivity are also among the common signs of poor circulation. Furthermore, you could also suffer from deadly diseases such as heart strokes, brain strokes, improper healing of wounds, and fungus growth on your body.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work for Improving Blood Circulation?

One of the main reasons behind poor circulation is the constriction of blood vessels. Therefore, if you want to enhance the blood flow, then you need to make sure that your blood vessels are optimally dilated. Blood needs space to flow, and open space would give it enough room to flow smoothly.

Healthy blood vessels generate nitric oxide that is used by the inner part of these vessels, also known as the endothelium, for relaxing the muscles in the wall of your blood vessels. Therefore, the walls become dilated, and it improves the flow of the blood. PEMF devices work at a cellular level by increasing the health of the endothelium wall for optimal nitric oxide production.

Furthermore, thicker blood can also have difficulties flowing properly in your body, and thick blood is a sign of inflammation. Inflammation leads to higher production of C-reactive protein that causes platelet clotting, leading to thicker blood.

Similarly, thick blood delivers fewer nutrients and oxygen to your body cells which further increases the inflammation, and it forms a vicious cycle that could eventually lead to blood clots, thrombosis, and heart attack. PEMF machines also work to make the blood thinner by reducing inflammation, which makes it easier for the blood to flow smoothly and deliver all the important nutrients to your cells for your optimal well-being.

A lot of research has also been conducted to check the effectiveness of PEMF for improving blood circulation. Research on rats showed that a frequency of just 1Hz could cause a significant improvement in blood flow. Furthermore, another research on rats proved that PEMF therapy also works well for optimal blood vessel dilation.

After successful studies on animals, several tests were conducted on humans as well, which showed that low-frequency electromagnetic waves had the capacity to improve blood flow and this beneficial effect lasted for quite some time as well.

Moreover, another study was conducted with the help of thermography that is a device used for monitoring blood circulation. The thermogram showed positive results where it was evident that PEMF treatment enhanced blood flow in the human body.

All these studies testify the effectiveness of the PEMF therapy, and it shows how this treatment can improve several health conditions ranging from excessive fatigue to enhanced heart health, improved mental well-being, and wound healing.

Using PEMF Therapy for Increasing Blood Circulation

The PEMF device is quite revolutionary due to its impressive features. All PEMF machines contain a heating pillow or a heating pad that generates the electromagnetic waves that are transferred to your body. These devices are portable, which is why you could either have this treatment in a professional clinic or perform it yourself at home.

If you notice inflammation, swelling, or fatigue in a particular body area, using this machine for that specific place will show instant results. It can also help with cramps by healing damaged cells. PEMF therapy allows your body to heal thoroughly. You can also increase the blood circulation in your body, and all you need to do is put the PEMF heating pads on the areas suffering from poor blood circulation.

Final Word

PEMF therapy heals your body at the cellular level with the help of low-frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves penetrate deep into your skin, reaching the cells that heal more effectively. Optimal blood circulation is extremely important for retaining optimal health.

However, improving your blood circulation can be quite a challenging task, but it can be achieved with the help of PEMF therapy that easily reaches your blood vessels and heals them thoroughly from within. It also improves the viscosity of your blood, making it easier to flow smoothly. You can use its heated pillow to get amazing results.

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