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Enhance Your Waxing Experience with These Pre-Waxing Tips

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Waxing is one of life’s most freeing and liberating experiences. It is rejuvenating and refreshing. More than that, the waxing industry is estimated to grow 9% annually from 2019 to 2024 because consumers are increasingly gravitating toward waxing for a hygienic lifestyle. However, since waxing can be very personal, many consumers are either unfamiliar with waxing services or too self-conscious to try it. While you can take the DIY route with waxing, professional waxing makes everything easier and more convenient. If you are preparing for your first waxing session, a pre-waxing routine relaxes your mind and body. All you must do is follow these tips for a smooth experience.

Waxing - Beautician Removing Unwanted Hair from Female Leg

Take a Warm Shower

Have a warm and thorough bath before leaving for your waxing appointment. Take your time with your bathing ritual—scrub gently, use scented candles to calm your mind, play soothing music, and moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your skin softens your hair, making it easier to remove it. Coarse hair can be uncomfortable to pull out. If you run short on time, gently wash, moisturize, and powder the areas you want to be waxed fifteen minutes before your session.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin correctly a couple of days before your appointment. Exfoliating soothes your skin, especially parts sensitive to wax or strips. Put an exfoliating lotion on your sensitive area and rub it softly using a loofah or soft cloth. Avoid being too rough or hard, as it can trigger your skin, leading to rashes.

Get an Allergy Test

Since waxing involves warm wax that removes your body hair from its roots, a chemical incompatible with your skin can cause allergic reactions. Every skin type is different and needs a separate wax. Ask for an allergy test beforehand to avoid skin reactions or triggers. If you are new to the scene, knowing which wax suits your skin saves you from triggering skin irritants and prepares you for future visits.

Check Your Hair Length

Waxing is an excellent hair removal method. It is swift, efficient, and comfortable. However, it works best if your hair is just the right length—neither too short nor too long. Even though you can get waxed on short or long hair, the satisfaction and results might feel underwhelming. There is no universal or assigned time for hair growth, and hair length varies from person to person. However, waiting for four to five weeks between sessions is a safe estimation.

Don’t wait too long, either! Longer hair might require multiple strips to pull out, resulting in discomfort. To make your waxing session enjoyable and comfortable, keep a four- to five-week margin. Additionally, your hair grows in a regular pattern if waxed timely. Waxing too frequently or waiting out can tamper with the cycle and lead to uneven hair growth or patches.

Consult Your Esthetician

It is best to consult your esthetician or waxing center regarding the waxing routine and the type of wax to use. In addition to the allergy test, ensure your skin is healthy on its own. If your skin gets irritated frequently, even at the slightest contact with an unfamiliar chemical, your esthetician can advise you on how to keep it healthy.

You do not have to worry about natural body marks, such as lines or moles, as hot wax does not affect them. Make sure to inform the center if your skin is prone to sensitive reactions to prepare for a painless, comfortable, and safe waxing session.

Difference Between Bikini and Brazilian Wax

If this is your first-time waxing, you might be confused between a bikini and Brazilian wax. While both are similar, there is a stark difference between the two. Bikini waxing removes hair from your bikini line by cleaning the sides. If you don’t want your esthetician to clean the entire side, inform them beforehand. On the other hand, Brazilian waxing removes hair from the whole area, from top to bottom, along with the sides.

When picking between the two, consider your comfort and preferences. Consumers who choose Brazilian wax feel more groomed with this method. However, on the flip side, people who opt for a bikini wax do so because they sweat more after Brazilian waxing.

Waxing does wonders to your skin. It makes you feel fresh, healthy, and confident—more than 6.39 million Americans share this sentiment. Since waxing can be a personal experience, hesitancy or shyness before your first session is understandable. As long as you follow a healthy skincare routine and consult an experienced and knowledgeable waxing center, the entire process will be comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfactory!

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