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Top 4 Exercises to Make Butt Bigger for Women – Easy and Effective

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Having a big lower body is something every woman desires. However, not every woman is fortunate enough to have this hourglass figure – just a few of them. Whether or not your butt will attain a big and well toned shape is going to depend on the muscles and fat around the buttocks. The more the muscles are worked out the more these muscles build up and the fat layer around the butt; the result is a big and well toned butt.

The most popular and fastest way to achieve kind of butt is going under the knife. However, this way is usually expensive and has a lot of side effects. When it comes to a natural way of getting a bigger butt, a healthy diet and exercise is the way to go. For the sake of this article, we will be looking at a few exercises that have proven effective for getting a bigger butt

1. Barbell Squat

The barbell squat is one effective exercises for achieving a bigger butt. For the sake of safety, this workout is best performed in a squat rack. This is an ideal way for stimulating all the muscles of your body; much more than that is its effectiveness for building the thighs and flutes. This exercise involves challenging yourself with lifting heavy weights on a wider stance. According to https://wellmassive.com, for maximum effectiveness and to avoid injury, it is recommended to vary this squat with other forms of squats.

2. Lunges

This is another exercise that can be done in a number of variations, just like the squats. Various forms of lunges include: stationary lunges, side lunges, walking lunges, and single-leg lunges. Lunges can be done either under pure bodyweight pressure or by holding barbells for increased resistance. Lunges help in developing the endurance and strength of the lower body. They go a long way to even out muscle imbalance. These exercises are quintessential, and as they can be done anywhere. Although the effects don’t appear immediate, but they surely will in no time.

3. Deadlifts

The deadlifts, especially when done with barbell is one of the best workouts you can do to achieve a bigger butt. However, this is only when it is done the right way. This exercise is ideal for giving your bum that desired perk and shape. It is worth noting here that if not done in the proper form, can easily lead to injury. For this reason, it is recommend that you seek professional help here.

4. Hip Extensions

According to studies conducted by the American Council, one of the exercises that guarantees best results when it comes to glute’s muscle activation is the his extension. Actually, this exercise came tops among all the exercises that were tested. This workout requires being in a standing position while holding onto a chair and engaging your core in a way that only your legs get to move and then your legs extended backwards. Repeat with the other leg.


Every woman desires to look attractive; and big booty goes a long way to help. More so, exercises are a great way to get a bigger butt; however, they are just not enough if you desire an effective result. These exercises must be combined with the right nutrition. Unlike a surgery, exercise are safe and less expensive.

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